Lost Ark’s new card-throwing arcanist class is basically Gambit from the X-Men

The latest class to join Korean fashion-fantasy MMO Lost Ark is the arcanist, a third advanced class for mages alongside the existing bard and sorceress. Arcanists are part of July’s Spells in Spades update (opens in new tab), which also adds support effects to make climbing the item levels faster, higher difficulty levels for the Valtan Legion Raid and Abyssal Dungeons, a pool party event with water pistols, and beach-themed cosmetics.

The arcanist’s skills are all about throwing hails of explosive cards around, with spells like Unlimited Shuffle, which picks up enemies then slams them back down again. The class is designed around either using skills that build stacks and then following with a Ruin skill, which does more damage the more stacks you’ve piled up, or relying on random draws from your Card Deck. This set of higher-powered effects can be accessed once you’ve filled up the arcanist’s specialty meter by landing attacks, and includes the Ghost Card, which disables collision with monsters while buffing your move speed and reducing damage by half, and the Mayhem Card, which increases your attack speed every time you use a skill.

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