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Lost Michael Jackson Sega World game recovered from UK flea market

A lost Michael Jackson video game built for Sega World amusement parks has been salvaged from a UK car boot sale.

Jackson appeared in Sega’s Scramble Training, giving a voiceover to the motion simulator arcade game that was released in March 1993, built on Sega’s Advanced Simulator-1 pod.

However, following allegations of sexual abuse, all references to Jackson were later entirely removed.

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Earlier this year, however, a digital tape titled ‘Sega AS-1 (Michael Jackson Vers)’ was discovered at a car boot sale in the UK.

As Games Radar reports, it was being sold by someone selling items owned by a departed relative who happened to be a former employee of Sega Amusements Europe.

It turns out the tape contained full recordings of Scramble Training footage, complete with English voiceover from Jackson and dubbed into Japanese.

While the game itself remains unavailable, the tapes – featuring Commander Jackson – have now been uploaded to YouTube.

Jackson’s love of Sega has been well documented, from his Moonwalker game released on the Mega Drive to him reportedly composing music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Indeed, Jackson’s music in Sonic 3 has long been a myth, but earlier this year Yuji Naka seemingly confirmed Jackson’s involvement. However, he later stated he had been mistranslated.

Michael Jackson in Scramble Training

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