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Luna the Shadow Dust is a hand-animated game where the moon has disappeared

  • Luna The Shadow Dust is an upcoming hand-drawn point & click adventure game
  • Already released for PC it’s now finally making the jump to mobile
  • Guide a young boy and his strange animal companion in a world where the moon has gone dark

A lot of indie games live and die by the originality of their core concept. So we have to admit that Luna The Shadow Dust did grab us when it starts with the synopsis that the moon has disappeared.

Of course, won’t pretend that Luna The Shadow Dust necessarily creates something truly innovative, but what we can see is a gorgeously hand-animated adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a nameless young boy journeying through a fantasy world gone dark.

What is innovative is the fact you don’t only play one character, but two. Using dual-character controls you’ll guide both the boy and a mysterious animal companion in order to solve standalone puzzles that promise to cut out any backtracking or pixel-hunting.

Check out the trailer for Luna The Shadow Dust, coming June 20th, below!

Lunar cycles

The hand-drawn animated style of Luna The Shadow Dust definitely makes it stand out, but for our money, the dual-character controls are the most interesting. We’re certainly intrigued to see how well it translates to mobile, what with more limited controls.

Having already launched on PC in 2020 and receiving rave reviews, including a 90% positive rating on Steam, we’re excited to see Luna The Shadow Dust make its way to mobile. We’re hoping it’ll do well, as we’d certainly like to see more indie games like this make the jump to mobile-first.

Be sure to check out Luna the Shadow Dust when it releases on iOS and Android, coming June 20th!

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