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Lunar New Year Sale 2024 on Epic Games Store

From indie gems to AAA titles, the EGS Lunar New Year Sale has something for everyone!

The Epic Games Lunar New Year 2024 Sale has just started, offering deep discounts on hundreds of games! With over 2,000 game deals, it’s pretty massive. Just a heads-up: it only lasts until February 12, 2024. So, if you spot something you like, don’t wait too long!ย 

Some seriously good deals are up for grabs, like Battlefield V Definitive Edition at a whopping 95% off, Need for Speed Unbound at 86% off, and Blacktail at 67% off. Check out the full Epic Games Lunar New Year Sale lineup below with! Certainly, there’s no better way to browse all the offers.

Epic Games Lunar New Year Sale 2024 – game list

You’re in the right spot if you want to see every game discounted at the EGS Lunar Sale 2024. The list is sorted by the best deals by default, but you can tweak things and set presets to find your wishlist items or favorite genres without hassle.

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