Madden 23: How to Scramble and QB Slide

Passing plays aren’t always successful in the NFL, nor are they in Madden 23. Sometimes the defense calls a better play or the X-Factors and Superstars on the other side of the ball use their abilities to overpower linemen to get into the backfield. You’ll need to know how to scramble and slide with your quarterback to keep the play alive. 

To scramble in Madden 23, snap the ball and hold R2/RT. Your QB will take off running in whatever direction you’re holding the left stick. You can still throw to receivers as long as you’re in the backfield. Some players, like Patrick Mahomes, have abilities that increase their accuracy while on the run. Others, like Dak Prescott, are cool in the pocket, making them immune to pressure while on the run. 

To QB slide, pass the line of scrimmage, and tap Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox. You can do this while scrambling or sprinting (holding R2/RT) or just by moving up in the pocket naturally and crossing the scrimmage line, where your QB will start to run automatically. However, do not hold Square or X, or your QB will dive.

You’ll know you’ve passed the line of scrimmage when the receiver icons disappear, and the camera gets closer to the quarterback. 

Like in Madden 22, you can also slide with other position players in Madden 23, including wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends. The same rules apply for these players: tap Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox while running normally or sprinting. Diving can be good for pushing past a defender to get into the end zone or past the sticks, but sliding makes sure the clock keeps running, your players don’t get injured, and you protect the football. 

As always, it’s worth practicing scrambling and sliding in the Learn to Play Team Practice area before trying to do either with your QB in a real game. Once again, double-tapping Square/X is a good way to make sure you don’t dive; the double-tap itself does nothing, but the motion makes sure you don’t hold the button and accidentally dive. We’ve got more Madden 23 tips right here to help you run up the score.

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