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MapleStory M has officially launched in China as MapleStory: The Legend of Maple

Back in February, Nexon revealed that they were working to bring the smash hit mobile game, MapleStory M to China under the banner of MapleStory: The Legends of Mobile. The franchise has been around for nearly two decades now, with a player base of over 180 million users who’ve brought in more than 4 billion in revenue. Now it looks like gamers in China can join in on the fun as well and a localized version finally releases.

MapleStory: The Legends of Mobile has entered the Chinese markets thanks to joint efforts between Tencent Games and Nexon’s partner Tiancity, who have published the game. Players shouldn’t expect any major differences as all the iconic elements will be present, including fan-favourite characters like Blue Snail, Slime, and Orange Mushroom. New features will of course be added, to ensure that players old and new get a fresh experience.

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Recently, the game also celebrated its fifth anniversary with the addition of Kanna the Spirit Walker alongside several other events. Players could take part in the Legendary Sages event which featured a plethora of minigames that awarded Event Coins. In addition, bucketloads of rewards were also given to everyone to commemorate the occasion. That doesn’t mean Chinese players will miss out because they’re on track to earn several rewards just for downloading the game.

Interested players can download MapleStory: The Legend of Maple by clicking on their preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. More information about what’s included in the regional version can be found on the official website. Also, don’t forget to join the community of the rest of the gamers to stay updated on all the latest developments by following the game’s Twitter handle.

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