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MapleStory M introduces new Cannoneer class alongside new content

Nexon revealed some details about the new update launching today for the mobile MMORPG MapleStory M, which involves the release of the long-awaited Canonneer class alongside some new content.

The new class, the Canonneer, uses a cannon, of course, which is a deadly mobilized ship canon forged by Nautilus’s resident inventor, capable of dealing massive damage with a wide attack range. This new pirate class is accompanied by a monkey companion, who also helps to attack in combat. In addition to being a damage dealing class, the Canonneer can also use his special skill, Pirate Blessing, to buff other characters in the same party.


Along with this fun new class, there will be some limited-time celebratory events to support the growth of new players or players trying out the class on a new character. These events are:

  • Canonneer On-Time Event – Login until March 23rd to receive rewards that range from character slot coupons to auto-battle tickets and pet packages, alongside some other special goodies.
  • Canonneer Mega Burning Event – Until April 19th, Maplers can select one character as a Mega Burning Character that will then receive two additional levels each time they level up.
  • Canonneer Growth Support Mission – Until April 19th, Canonner characters can attempt various missions to receive rewards that will support that character’s growth. Completing certain missions will also grant Canonner exclusive cosmetics.

And if that wasn’t enough new content, this update also marks the start of Season 2 of the Daisy Style Festival, running until March 30th. This one is a fashion competition that allows players to register their characters in order to show off their style and vote for the best ones amongst each entrant. The rewards for this include event coins, titles, and more based on the number of votes received.

MapleStory M is a popular MMORPG take on the classic MMO of the same name, and with all of these events going on, is set up to be supported for the rest of the year at minimum. If you’re looking to get involved, you can give it a shot for free on Google Play or the App Store!

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