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Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope Full Presentation | Ubisoft Forward 2021 | E3 2021

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope brings the two unlikely universes together through a new journey across galaxies. The sequel to the popular tactical turn-based RPG introduces new foes, and Sparks, which will aid Mario and his friends. Coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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Jose Mari Calingo
2 years ago

I hope bowser is a playable character and I hope that this Cursa is not a possesed character from the mario or rabbids game, but a totally different enemy

2 years ago

7:17 Nintendo, how DARE you make me look at a Rabbid in this sort of way! Shame on you. What's her name?

Truth Teller
2 years ago

Take my money

2 years ago

Cute game Kim, but are we finally gonna have multiplayer this time ?

Lucas1337 The Super
2 years ago

We have: Chthulu, Luma and Rabbid hybrids and Mario Galaxy 3. Very confused yet excited

Welliam Ligma Afton
2 years ago

Is this what you've been looking for? 5:07

Tom Johnston
2 years ago

Graphics are far behind the new Ratchet and Clank

Sir. Black, Knight of Soleanna
2 years ago

Orgoglio italiano

the great channel
2 years ago

The sparks are so adorable and cute ?

2 years ago

If the dlc is not Luigi mansion, I’ll be sad

2 years ago

Peach was a shotgun paladin in kingdom battle. now she looks like a straight up tank with a parasol mounted canon

2 years ago

Yoshi better be in this one

William Collis
2 years ago

The rabbid in peach's outfit is fucking hideous.

Idk a good name Walk
2 years ago

What I Question is what happened to funny YOSH and Rab Yosh

2 years ago

I'm so freaking happy to get a sequel to one of my favorite games from the last few years!

2 years ago

What if… and what if… under that cloak is Fawful…

2 years ago

Watch us get Rabbits as a smash character

fabian salinas
2 years ago

Este será mi juego favorito de toda la saga de Mario ?

Tristan McQuern
2 years ago

LOVING the Galaxy themes showing up so far! Rabbid Rosalina is fantastic, and the Rabbid Lumas (or Sparks) are cute. Plus that Comet Observatory theme remix…*ooh*. So great to see all this stuff again!

Izzy C
2 years ago

I honestly can't wait I hated the idea for the 1st then then played and loved it and now can't wait to play this one

white fatalis
2 years ago

Go brrrr they said

matthew williams
2 years ago

i love this game ubisoft and nintendo make a great partner their styles mesh so well

Tom Murchuis
2 years ago

This is way better than kingdom battle

Rodrigo Morales
2 years ago

I hope yoshi is still playable.

Liana Verwood
2 years ago

Okay, so Cursa could be named not just fur the 'curse' term, but also for the term of 'Cursor', making this seem like another MegaVirus-Infected Antagonist. Much as I'd like to say it's 100% Waluigi based on the hand shown and the tall, lanky design, it seems more likely that it'll be the actual Rosalina that's been possessed.

For the two other mystery Rabbids, unless Ubisoft is being allowed by Nintendo to make fully Original Characters this time, they'd have to be Rabbid-Fused forms of existing Mario IP: The Henchman looks and acts like he could be a Rabbid Meowser, possibly zapped in from the recent game remake; the New Ally, however is definitely Female, yet has a hairstyle also similar to Bowser's. If there were any place to address the Bowsette Memes Officially, this would be it!

Now that I think about it, all the new character fusions could have come from the one game: Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury! Perhaps that could give us a clue where to look for who these could be…

KLK Fann7170
2 years ago

0:42 Rabbid luma looks cursed as hell

Racquel Illustrates
2 years ago

I wonder if the new Sword-wielding Punk Rabbid is gonna be an anti-hero considering her attack and attitude caused a general reaction of shock from the group. Still love her??❤️,though.

2 years ago

I hope Wario and Waluigi make an appearance in this game instead of having enemies based on the two. Perhaps a DLC treatment like DK got in the last game would be nice

Timjor 77
2 years ago

Am I the only one gettin Overwatch vibes from this? I can just imagine a timeline where I’m running around shooting with Mario, then get sniped by the enemy Luigi…

Ray Vasquez
2 years ago

3:20 starts the theme from the amazing show Travel Man

Abrial Woodford
2 years ago

Woah this is the most incredible game I ever seen!

Willy Cyan
2 years ago

rabbit luigi has overalls I repeat rabbit luigi has overalls

Nathan Hunter
2 years ago

HOLY SHIT, they can cross breed Lumas now?!

2 years ago

Me on my way to get shredded cheese at 3AM

2 years ago

That one looks like antasma 2:48

Barks 19
2 years ago

Rip all of my yoshi Fans 🙁

Jack Diaz
2 years ago

Who’s the emo rabbid girl?

Hayden Bell
2 years ago

Will yoshi be in it

Emmanuel Kotei
2 years ago

I am pretty sure some of the clips are running on the switch pro, some parts look 4K even

2 years ago

4 seconds in, weird donkey kong noises.

Imani Islander
2 years ago

Who that heck was that rock rabbid