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Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer | E3 2021

Team up with Mario, Rabbid Peach, and their friends on a mission to save the galaxy! Mario + Rabbids® Sparks of Hope, coming 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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Luke Townsend
1 year ago


Patrick Hocking
1 year ago

Let me guess. When it's out. 10/10 because Mario and Nintendo

sean finch
1 year ago

Question, was that purple star thing on the bbeg the Dark Star from Bowser's inside story, or just an Angry/Scared/Sad Rabbid Luma, or new unique bad guy?

Sωeet ᗰoიkeყ ፐυeѕdαყ

Archer Luigi better not be a nerf of Sniper Luigi. Sniper Luigi was the best

1 year ago

@ Is that the Shadow Queen from Thousand Year Door?!

Double Oof
1 year ago

The dissonance of seeing a funny cartoon italian man inside a photorealistic spaceship will forever make me laugh

Lollino Damb 64
1 year ago

The guns thing is the mario equivalent of SHADOW THE HEDHEHOG

Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers

Plot twist: this is Mario Galaxy 3

Villian Fadhilah Areksa

bwa bwa bwa bbwa bwa bwa

1 year ago

just wait until Jerrard (completionist) sees this

1 year ago

Ok, but where is Rayman???

Carl Julfikar
1 year ago

Finally, Mario with guns

1 year ago

2:23 HEE-HO Jack Frost Rabbids xD

1 year ago

Still waiting on a proper SMRPG sequel.

1 year ago

Kinda like guardians of the Galaxy

Leo Holdiman
1 year ago

will dabbing luigi come back

Travis Suter
1 year ago


The Jon Brown Show
1 year ago

Therapist: rabbid luma is not real, it cannot hurt you


C Ramirez
1 year ago

Dis da bawLOX

King Dominicano
1 year ago

Super Mario Galaxy 3 ft. The Rabbids

Phil the Yellow Pikmin

This deepens the Mario Lore into the mariana trench.

1 year ago

This means the rabbid peach is GONNA BE IN SMASH!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Im the Roblox Guest
1 year ago

Mario weapon look like sonic the color skin

MissKitty Kitty
1 year ago

(니가 왜거기서 나와???)
Why u comong out there ???
(Korean meme)

1 year ago

People waiting for Switch Pro Reveal

Nintendo:Surprise another Mario lol.

Xavius Yata
1 year ago

Me: (sees Bowser on box art)
Also me: (praying) please be playable

Weird Mario Bros.
1 year ago

wheres yoshi?

Aiden Cooke
1 year ago

Me: Super Mario Odyssey 2?

Denite Grey
1 year ago

They need Rayman on that roster

Dip Jyoti Deka
1 year ago

What is this ? The Avengers ?

Sully Dempsey
1 year ago

Hopefully Luigi's HP isn't pathetic this time.

tiny gentlemen
1 year ago

These rabbits lookin kinda rabbid dude

I am Satire
1 year ago

Seeing normal Luma: happiness noises
Seeing Rabbid Luma: confused screaming

Dimode Rhee
1 year ago

Me waiting for Mario to say: Avengers!….Assemble.

1 year ago

Friendship ended with Star Wars, now Mario + Rabbids is my new best friend.

E10 Cat
1 year ago

Who else has the original in so hyped

Liam Duffy
1 year ago

Rosalina better be in this game or imma cry.

Brian Lee • 82 years ago

Lots of hard battles and bosses

Me: Oh ?, here we go again.

Xander Hornby
1 year ago

wow so that leak really was right

1 year ago

1:32 I'm a plumber but….

Dianna Harris
1 year ago

You gotta hand it to them, they made a rabbid and mario crossover work really well.

fear look
1 year ago

Mario lovecraft

Cesar Espinosa
1 year ago

Anybody else got the reference of Alien: Covenant when the ship broke orbit and flew out of the clouds ?

Singularity Point
1 year ago

No one wanted this–

Jamila Marques
1 year ago

WHY NO BOTW2?????????????

1 year ago

finally mario galaxy 3

1 year ago

Rabbids for SMASH!!!!!!

1 year ago

Yesssssss, first one was fantastic

Aryan Dey
1 year ago

In this game, Mario will actually shoot and kill.

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