Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to Complete the Child of Darkness Challenge

As you progress through Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Tony will eventually let you create an armory for the heroes inside the Forge that allows you to take on various challenges to unlock each hero’s Midnight Sun Legendary Combat Suit. The Midnight Sun Legendary Combat Suits were specifically designed for the game and are the black and gold outfits seen all over the marketing. While the suits themselves don’t actually do anything other than look cool, if you complete the challenges offered by the armory, you’ll also be rewarded with powerful combat cards and other abilities.

The “Child of Darkness” challenge is the first one that becomes available once you get the armory after the Fallen Venom fight in the bell tower. While Midnight Suns calls it a “challenge fight,” it’s more of a puzzle that requires you to think outside the box, but luckily there’s a simple solution to it.

How to Beat the ‘Child of Darkness’ Challenge

When you start up the challenge, you’ll be in a cosmic arena with three enemy grunts and a red crystal. To complete the challenge, you’ll need to destroy them all using the four cards in your hand and the two you gain from taking out the enemies. Use the image below to understand which enemy to be hitting at what time for the challenge.

First, use one of your “Charge” cards to hit 1, the enemy closest to you on the left, towards 2 in the far left corner, making sure to only knock 1 towards 2, not to kill either. Then, use another “Charge” card to knock 2 into the wall to kill them.

Use another “Charge” to knock 1 across the space to be parallel with 3 and the red crystal. With 1 parallel with 3, use a “Charge” on 3, knocking the enemy into the wall and taking the “Whip” card it was holding. 

With 3 taken care of, knock 1 towards the crystal with another “Charge,” still making sure not to kill the enemy.

Once 1 is next to the crystal, use the “Whip” card you got from 3 to knock 1 into the crystal, destroying both. 

Now that the first crystal has been taken care of, you’ll pick up a “Bladestorm” card and a purple crystal will appear on the other side of the arena. Use “Bladestorm” on the purple crystal to destroy it and the challenge will be complete. You’ll be awarded the Hunter’s Midnight Sun Legendary Combat Suit, the “Bladestorm” card for your deck, and the Shadowstalker passive ability.

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