Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Should You Tell Magik About the Party?

One of the first major Abbey storylines in Marvel’s Midnight Suns revolves around Magik’s birthday. Nico is planning a surprise birthday party for her, but just about everyone you ask to help out with it will tell you how much Magik hates surprises. Every time you talk with her before the party, you’ll be given a chance to tell her about it. Here’s what happens for both options.

Should You Tell Magik About the Party?

The short answer is yes, telling Magik about the surprise party Nico is throwing has no downsides and can earn you some friendship points with Magik.

To tell her, approach her in the Abbey and talk to her. Say that you need to tell her about the party and she’ll tell you how much she hates surprises. Then either say that you’re telling her because you love the drama of it all or that you think she genuinely needed to know. She’ll appreciate both responses equally and then go back about her life.

When the night of the party finally rolls around on the twelfth day of the game, the same thing will happen regardless of whether you told Magik or not. The only difference between the two outcomes is that Magik will pretend to act surprised by the party as opposed to actually being surprised.

During the party regardless of your choice, Magik will destroy the cake and storm out into Limbo and you’ll be tasked with going after her.

How to Get Magik to Return to the Party

Before you follow Magik into Limbo, you’ll have the chance to talk with the heroes at the party and listen to their advice on how to bring her back. If you can bring her back, you’ll not only get some major friendship points with Magik and Nico, but you’ll get a big friendship boost with the rest of the heroes as well.

Head into Limbo and you’ll find Magik sitting alone in a house at the very end of the main path. Speak with her and tell her “Come back. You can ask her yourself.” After that, tell her that her secret is safe with you and then say nothing two times in a row to let her vent. For the final dialogue option, tell her to come back to the party.

When she makes it back, you’ll be able to chat with everyone at the party and they’ll all say how much it means to them that you were able to bring her back. The next day, you’ll get a text from Magik asking to hang out. Accept it and she’ll say that you two are friends, and you’ll have the chance to earn even more friendship points with her.

All’s well that ends well in this scenario in Midnight Suns. If you need further tips for the game, check out our other Marvel’s Midnight Suns guides such as what tarot cards do or where to get the Elemental Rods.

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