Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Standing Stones Puzzle Solution Guide

There are plenty of opportunities for Marvel’s Midnight Suns players to collect fine loot, but some of the best loot comes from the legendary arcane chests. Players can get three of those relatively quickly after completing the Standing Stones puzzle.

Our guide will show you how to solve the Standing Stones puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, including all the exact locations.

Enter the Standing Stones Area

In order to enter the area with the Standing Stones puzzle, you need to go to the spot in the eastern part of the the Abbey, which is indicated on the map above, and use the Word of Power: Reveal to unlock the doors to the area of the puzzle.

After that you need to find and reveal the three hidden glyphs in the Abbey area, which will provide you with a series of five symbols that serve as keys to the puzzle.

Glyph Location #1

The first glyph can be found in the Barracks Chapel of Abbey. Enter the chapel and approach the southern wall, as indicated on the map above.

You should see the first sequence of symbols in the frame on the wall. Note that every player may have a different sequence, so it’s best to memorize it. Write it down, or simply make a screenshot. This sequence unlocks the first legendary arcane chest later on.

Glyph Location #2

In order to find the next glyph players must once again use the Word of Power: Reveal to unlock the northeastern part of the Abbey area.

Head towards the Agatha’s Cottage, which is indicated on the map above, and look out for the second sequence of symbols on the wall of the cottage right across the fire mantle. Note the symbols and continue on.

Glyph Location #3

The third and final glyph can be found after using the Word of Power: Reveal once more in order to unlock the northwestern area of the Abbey. Then, enter the Lilith’s Garden, which is indicated on the map above.

You will find a breakable wall inside the greenhouse, so use Word of Power: Break to demolish it. This will open a hidden area with the stairs going down, which you should follow until you come to the opposite wall with the final sequence of symbols.

Solve the Standing Stones Puzzle

When you have all three sequences in your possession, go back to the Standing Stones area, and follow these steps:

  1. Approach the stone with a symbol that corresponds to the first symbol of the first glyph.
  2. Interact with the stone to activate it.
  3. Repeat the same steps with the rest of the stones in the order their symbols are presented on the glyph.

As you enter the correct sequence from the first glyph, one of the three chests will appear in the center of the Standing Stones area. Repeat the same actions for the other two sequences and open up the rest of the legendary arcane chests with your well earned loot.

That’s everything you need to know on how to solve the Standing Stones puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. For more Marvel’s Midnight Suns tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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