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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bug Gives Peter a Skeleton Suit, and Fans Love It

Warning: Spoilers ahead for
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2



An unusual graphical glitch in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 accidentally gives friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Peter Parker a spooky new look. Fans of the game voiced their approval of the “new” Spider-Man 2 suit, and some are requesting that an official version be made for the in-game costume gallery.

Any game release that’s big or complex enough inevitably releases with bugs and glitches, and the massive open world environment of Spider-Man 2‘s New York City is no exception. But not every bug or glitch is a game-breaker, as some – especially those that surface something unique or amusing without negatively affecting a player’s experience – are even treated by fans like lucky events or fun issues that endear them to the game further.


One Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Costume Highlights a Big Missed Suit Opportunity

One particularly special costume based on the Secret Wars comic event shows how much more could have been done with suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Skeleton Suit Glitch Explained

That seems to be the case with a bug demonstrated by Spider-Man 2 subreddit user LazyLink2099. In a screenshot and a video, LazyLink2099 showed off a visual error that caused one of the many wearable suits in Spider-Man 2 to display in an odd way. The glitch as shown affected Peter Parker’s Black Suit, partially reversing its monochrome color scheme. Parts of the suit that should’ve remained jet-black as intended were instead displayed in almost glowing white, with the new appearance giving Peter the look of a Spider-Man that’s taken up skeleton cosplay.

Members of the community quickly voiced their approval of the accidental new suit, praising the pattern of the suit and the white accents on Peter’s muscles. Others called it an early Halloween costume, while more likened it to the existing Anti-Venom Suit. The Anti-Venom Suit can be earned from story progress in Spider-Man 2, and like the glitched suit, features a white color base with black accents. When asked how they triggered the graphical glitch, LazyLink2099 suggested that the glitch may be related to a different glitch they used to change the time of day to night. Examination of the video also shows that other surfaces in the immediate area are affected by the glitch, displaying as ghostly white. As such, the bug may be related to how the game displays textures under certain lighting conditions.


As a character, Spider-Man has been around for decades, and has no shortage of different looks that fans associate him with. Generations of comic books, video games, films, and series have granted fans and creators a wealth of costumes to draw from and port into their titles, evoking nostalgic memories of beloved stories. Even a game as big as Spider-Man 2 has a few more costumes fans would love to see added via DLC, and now it seems like this skeletal look is one of them.

marvel's spider-man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man and its Miles Morales spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a PS5 console exclusive. Insomniac’s open-world game features Peter Parker and Miles Morales as dual protagonists, with the two heroes going up against the likes of Kraven, Venom, and Lizard. 

October 20, 2023

Sony Interactive Entertainment

T For Teen Due To Blood, Drug Reference, Mild Language, Violence

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