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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Getting New Suits Via Update

One of the main draws of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was that, once again, players would have access to numerous suits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales to wear as they went and saved New York City from various threats. The base game had numerous suits that could be worn, and then others were added via special content packs, deals, and just plain regular updates. Thankfully, that last instance is what we’re talking about today, as a new update is heading to the title, which will feature four new suits. Three will be for Peter Parker, and one will be for Miles Morales.

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You can see all of the suits below, and they both look striking while also connecting to the various elements of the numerous continuities that both characters are in. For example, there’s the Peter B. Parker suit from the recent animated movies and then the Miles Morales suit from the animated series he was in.

While it’s great to get some new suits to wear, many noted in the comments of the tweet above that these suits arguably should’ve been in the game at launch. After all, they’re simply new suits, and not something that definitively warrants playing the game again just to suit up in a new way.

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Another thing to note here is that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hasn’t been getting a lot of love since launch. Via the benefit of hindsight, many have called out the game as being inferior to the original, and rushing numerous elements of the story and the characters within. Many people have heavily blasted Venom online due to how quickly they deal with his final form.

While that may seem harsh at first, there is something to consider here. That is how developer Insomniac Games was apparently working on not just the main title but spinoffs and other games featuring different characters. Venom, Wolverine, X-Men, and even a game fully embracing the Spider-Verse were in the works, and then Sony canceled many of them, and the fates of others are still up in the air.

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It wouldn’t be the first time that a developer was stretched too thin and the quality of another game was lost as a result. Most still expect a third mainline entry in the series to happen, but it’s not confirmed as of yet. Just as important, Insomniac Games has been silent on its other title, making many wonder when we might hear from them again.

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