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MAX REACTS: Monster Hunter Wilds Gameplay – State of Play 2024

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1 month ago

The hit effects on the monsters look extremely bad. Looks like you’re hitting the monster with a piece of cardboard

1 month ago

As a greatsword main I’m excited to be able to carry 2 great swords in each hunt!

1 month ago

Finally an FFXV Remake!

1 month ago

Dude Todd Haberkorn is VA for the hunter. That’s awesome

1 month ago

If it wasn't already obvious that Max started with World, hearing him wishing for a separate survival mode with 100 people is hilarious…

1 month ago

There are lore reasons behind 4 hunters only, but… We'll see what happens with Wilds

1 month ago

I think it's pretty premature to say we have no new weapons.. We've literally just got the 2nd trailer, and it's over a year out from release. There could easily be new weapons they haven't revealed.

1 month ago

She Tobi my Kidachi till my monster rises

1 month ago

I still need more monsters recruited from Monster hunter tri + previous generations era. Hell, Nerscylla and Najarala were really cool. Seltas too. Imo, monster hunter 4 designs are peak.
I think they needed to add a lot more monsters in Wild to compensate the fact the base frame is the same. It would be problematic if the addition of new monsters took the resources that could be used for improving the other elements of the game. Heck, Wild sounds like World literally. I'm pretty sure it would play out like World with Rise mechanics. I actually, am not a fan of the new monster designs but I'm pretty sure I get used to it, the monsters look like they are designed by the people done the work for Rise. But maybe, they have classic monsters too. What I'm afraid is that in order to get it new and to not feel like a re-use, they might cut-out the monsters from world. Which is a likely case for certain regional monsters (lore-wise). They seem compatible enough, they should allow fighting against all that monsters from world atleast. I need a map-based plants & insect farm… I wonder if they add something like that. I'm looking forward to playing that game with online friends that I never met as of yet. I can wait, for sure. Maybe it was truly a good time to revisit the World. I kinda want the game to be an expansion to the world in a sense, when it's actually played out as a game.

1 month ago

If you're a long time fan you might have noticed Little Miss Forged all grown up, wearing Caraveneer's jacket and with one of Guild Marm's plushies on her hip.

1 month ago

And this one is a current gen exclusive so I know it’s gonna push the boundaries like worlds did 😭😭

1 month ago

Game of the Generation, Jesus Christ this looks AMAZING.

1 month ago

There's no fucking way they are going to have a giant shared open world. It just won't happen.

1 month ago

All i want is the community being pulled back together and i thing this game has a potential to do it.

1 month ago

Based on everything we know so far, the one thing going through my mind is "damn, ain't no way this game will run on my Steam Deck."

1 month ago

its looking very brown and beige ew

1 month ago

I seriously dislike the visual style just like I disliked rise. Really miss the vibrancy of world.

1 month ago

I don't know if it's just me, but I keep thinking that it is quite suspicious that on the rock in the "center of the map" when there is a storm, something or someone is permanently illuminating it. New Ancient Dragon Maybe?

1 month ago

I would appreciate a more "realistic" take and more focus on hunting instead of just go in smash the monsters butt and loot. Immersion does so much in such a game. It even looks so much better than world… I can't wait to sink in at least 800 hours

1 month ago

The OP combo of self-buffing with Hunting Horn, and then rapid shooting with the Bow.
I can't wait!

1 month ago

Man greatsword is looking good imma longsword main cant wait to see some of that

1 month ago

For all the times Max has said “this is definitely a psp monster” and it’s from the 3DS, or how “there’s no way the next MH game won’t have the Monster Hunter World branding” I should remind everyone that if Max says “this is how I think the next Monster Hunter game will be” rest assured it will probably be the opposite XD

1 month ago

I remember when the Doods decided to try Monster Hunter World for the first time.