Metal: Hellsinger — Best Sigils for Getting High Scores

Metal: Hellsinger is well-balanced around its core experience, and you don’t need any buffs or bonuses to get an incredibly enjoyable five hours out of it. If you want to challenge yourself more and go for the highest scores on the leaderboards, you’ll want to collect the Sigil buffs from the Torments you unlock for completing each level. From there, you’ll want the best ones from the lot.

All Sigils have three levels, and at their highest level, Sigils can make your play more comfortable and consistent, ensuring you score higher and higher the more you master each Hell. In this Metal: Hellsinger list, we’ll explain which four Sigils you should focus on depending on your playstyle.

Metal: Hellsinger’s Four Best Sigils

There are seven Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger, but you can only equip two Sigils at a time. The two you choose will need to complement how you play. Experiment with all seven, but the four listed here are the best for consistency and ease of play.

Streak Guardian

This Sigil does exactly what it says in the title. At level three, you can take three hits before your hit streak would reset. That’s valuable because the higher your hit streak, the more bonuses you’ll have, like Ultimate and Point Gain, among others.

We should mention that this Streak Guardian is best used as you’re making your way toward mastery of a level and won’t necessarily let you get the absolute highest scores. To truly top the leaderboards, you’ll need to be perfect, or nearly so, and take as few hits as possible. We go over how to get high scores in another guide

You earn Streak Guardian via the Killing with Rhythm Torment, so it’s available early in a first playthrough, and it doesn’t take long to upgrade to the level three version.

Boon Momentum

Reaching specific Hit Streak break points awards boons that increase your Fury and Ultimate gain, among many other bonuses. Boon Momentum makes those break points appear much faster, ensuring your scoring potential ramps up as quickly as possible.

As we’re not interested in getting hit, this Sigil’s usefulness falls off once you’ve collected all the Hit Streak boons, but if you take a hit or two, the Sigil immediately becomes relevant again. While you won’t always lose 16x Fury for taking damage, boons do disappear, and this Sigil makes it easier to get them back.

You earn Boon Momentum from the Relic Thief Torments, some of the more satisfying and least challenging to complete. It’s also an early pickup, so put it to good use.

Ultimate Sovereignty

This Sigil is one of the only passives in the game, granting a minimum of 0.5% of your Ultimate with every beat. While that might not seem like much, the later-game songs are very high-tempo, and there can be at least two or three beats per second, meaning you can get a minimum of 1.5% Ultimate charge for doing nothing at all. Combine that with the energy you gain from hitting and killing enemies, and the Hit Streak boon will keep your abilities active almost constantly.

You’ll need to progress a bit to unlock the Ultimate Mastery Torment that awards this Sigil, as it’s in Yhelm, the third Hell you explore. You won’t be able to fully upgrade it until you reach the second-to-last level of Acheron, but even at lower levels, it’s more than worth your time.


This Sigil pairs perfectly with high-level play, as it gives at least 10% extra Fury when you make a Perfect hit or kill on the beat. As before, our goal is to never be at less than a 16x Fury multiplier, but it’s also next to impossible to keep that meter maxed out 100% of the time.

This is especially true when moving through longer hallways without any enemies, where Paz is all you have to rely on to keep Fury up. Perfectionist, however, works with Paz, so this Sigil can be effective in and out of combat and make recovering from a bad moment in a boss fight much easier.

You don’t get access to the first level of Perfectionist until Incaustis, the fourth Hell, and you won’t be able to max it out until Acheron, the final Hell with Torments attached. It’s useful at any level, however, so once you’re on your way to the highest scores, it should be a permanent equip.

Those are the four best Sigils you’ll want to always have on. The first two are more useful as you learn the game, while the latter two are best once you’ve achieved some level of mastery. Depending on your preferences, you may want to stick with one over the others. It’s all about how you enjoy racking up points and rocking to the soundtrack of Metal: Hellsinger. We cover how to get all of the other Sigils here

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