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Metal Slug Tactics – Official Gameplay Trailer

Get a deep dive into the gameplay of Metal Slug Tactics in this latest trailer for the upcoming grid-based tactical adaptation of the classic action series. Check out the trailer to learn about the armory, weapons, unlockable weapons mods, how to get special abilities, and much more. Metal Slug Tactics will be available in fall 2024 on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 (PlayStation 4), (PS5) PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A demo for Metal Slug Tactics is available now on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest (June 10 through June 17, 2024).


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1 month ago


1 month ago

You know the animation will be top notch

1 month ago

Has potential. Though nothing beats the classics.

1 month ago

Xcom style

1 month ago

XCOM: Metal Slug

1 month ago

Enemy chaseRR

1 month ago

Important question

Leona will be available?

1 month ago

Jesus christ anything to avoid an actual new metal slug game ?

1 month ago


1 month ago

Game looks great, been on my wishlist forever!

1 month ago

"General Morden's tyrany."
Ah. Yes. The classic anti-rebel army propaganda.
Morden did nothing wrong.

1 month ago

Fio best Videogame Girl.

1 month ago

Didn't expect it, didn't ask for it, but very glad to be getting it.

1 month ago

As a person who has played Hundreds of hours in disgea …

This will feel like cake-walk

1 month ago

Hope it has New Game+ so less grinds on your consecutive playthrough

1 month ago

Atleast is not one of those Gacha craps like the others Metal Slug Spin-off.

1 month ago

Honestly this is looking tight that sync system is gonna be the make or break through.

1 month ago

okay, this looks interesting, where's the catch?

1 month ago

expecting DLC character: clark, ralf, leona, heidern ?

1 month ago

Looks decent?

1 month ago

will there be more characters to play as?

1 month ago

This looks like the absolute best way to make a game where things on the screen pretty much never stop moving into the slowest game genre possible – turn based tactics.

1 month ago

no, why roguelike ….fxxck

1 month ago

Damn, their something about pixel style. Makes game cool.

1 month ago

They're using an established franchise and moving it to new genres and exploring interesting, deep gameplay opportunities in a way that makes sense and respects the original material? Instead of reviving its corpse just for its marketable brand-recognition and nothing else?!

Gasp! Say it ain't so!

1 month ago

Hope Leona in these game

1 month ago

Why is every other game a rogue like nowadays

1 month ago


1 month ago

Looks beautiful! Very lovable pixel art game with tactical component!

1 month ago

This series is long over due for a tactics spin-off.