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Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass price increase and more major changes

A new subscription tier will be introduced as well.

Microsoft reveals big XGP changes that are bound to shake the service’s fundamentals, the most important of which is the price hike for Game Pass PC, Ultimate, and Core—set to take effect today. The company has also announced a new Standard tier that will be available in the “coming months,” slowly replacing Game Pass for Console. To learn more, keep reading.

Game Pass price hikes

The prices of several Game Pass tiers are being changed worldwide, with Game Pass Ultimate hiking up to $19.99 (previously $16.99) per month, PC Game Pass cost rising to $11.99 (was $9.99) per month, and Game Pass Core 12-month membership available at $74.99 (was $59.99) in the US.

For new subscribers, the changes are going into effect today, while existing members will see price of recurring payments go up on Semptember 12, 2024. To see how does that affect Game Pass prices in your region, check out the detailed list provided by Microsoft.

Micrososft introduces Xbox Game Pass Standard—with no day-one releases

If you’re using Game Pass for Console, prepare for some big changes. Microsoft is going to be slowly but surely moving away from this variant, and it’s no longer available for new members starting today. Those who are already subscribed will keep all their benefits as long as they don’t cancel their membership. Starting September 18, 2024, you also won’t be able to stack more than 13 months of XGP for Console via codes.

In the next few months, Microsoft will introduce Xbox Game Pass Standard, a tier that will be available for $14.99 per month and will include most titles from the service’s library as well as console multiplayer, but won’t feature Xbox Games Studios day-one releases. To see all the differences between tiers, refer to Klobrille’s handy table displayed below.

Last chance to get cheap Game Pass

As the prices are sure to go up in the nearest future, it’s possibly the last chance to extend your subscription with the current offers. As usual, you can check them out in the tables below.

What’s your take on the changes introduced by Microsoft? Are you going to keep your Game Pass subscription after the price increases? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Xbox, Klobrille

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