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Minecraft Celebrates April Fools With Poisonous Potato Snapshot

Minecraft pranks us again and its great.

On April Fools, gaming companies and developers all spend pranks and laughs all over the internet in honor of this silly holiday, and this time, Minecraft has done something that is pretty wild. This year’s Minecraft April Fool’s joke features Poisonous Potatoes, which is really different from the ones we have gotten in the past. Underneath the title of the video game, it reads, “Turning pointless into everything.

While fans have excitedly been awaiting the next big Minecraft update, it is hilarious that the developers have released a whole blog article discussing what things will come in this “Poisonous Potatoes update” and some of its contents are pretty wild. The video that shared is even more hilarious.

There is a brand new dimension that features a new biome that players can explore through the Potato Portal. According to GameRant, this portal will only open once a Poisonous Potato is placed on the pedestal. There is also a brand new boss called the Mega Spud, which Is the Potatolord of the Fired Legion…isn’t this crazy while entertaining?

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Now, there are also some new items and things that players can use in this new April Fools update. Below is a list from the official Minecraft blog below, which goes over everything included in this new update in Minecraft.


  • Poisonous potatoes – LOTS of poisonous potatoes!
  • A few normal potatoes too!
  • Added the Poisonous Potato Dimension
    • The homeland of all potato kind
    • Five spud-tastic biomes: fields, hash, arboretum, corruption, and wasteland
    • Experience the life of a potato – from its inception as a raw potato picked from the fields, through cooked hash browns, to its eventual decay
    • Local weather with a-mashing effects
  • Added the Colosseum, home to the lord of potato kind…

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  • A whole sack of a-peeling new blocks
  • Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Niacin!
  • No new mineral blocks. No need! The blocks themselves contain minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, and Iron!


  • Added the frying table – everyone asked for it, so we added it. It fries potato things. It’s a really nice model!
  • Added functionality to the fletching table. You can now fletch toxic resin into more refined versions of the resin.
  • Added impurities because purity is overrated
  • Added a whole bunch new gadgets that will tune your poisonous potato game up to eleven!

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  • You get it by now. They’re all poisonous potatoes…

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