Minecraft’s most anarchic server brought to its knees by griefers

The public-facing side of Minecraft is the jolly, happy one. This is where we coo at people recreating the world of the Lord of the Rings, or admire the incredible visual tricks that can be pulled off with a little ingenuity. But then there’s the less well-known (though often no less popular) side, where things all get a little grimmer.

One of the most infamous ‘anarchy’ servers in existence is 2B2T, a long-running and no-holds-barred server which has not been reset since 2010. The name stands for ‘2 Builders 2 Tools’ and it is designed to be inhospitable, nasty, and has at times been named the ‘worst’ Minecraft server in existence. Naturally its players would disagree, and from another perspective 2B2T is an example of Minecraft’s enormously wide appeal and its ability to turn players into creators: it is a place with a real history, which is written on and defines the landscape. The community around 2B2T and the way it has developed over the years is why it was featured in the 2019 exhibition Videogames: Design / Play / Disrupt at London’s V&A Museum.

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