Modder drastically cools a blazing hot RTX 3070 Ti using cheap copper shims

Youtuber Dandyworks found a way to bring down the temperature of his extremely hot RTX 3070 Ti. The graphics card’s memory temp was running at a very concerning 110°C (230°F), which is on the high side of where you want to be for a workstation. Reaching this kind of heat on some graphics card memory means you’ll most likely see some thermal throttling, which brings down performance, and it can’t be good for longevity, either. 

Dandyworks replaced the thermal pads that came with his Asus RTX 3070 Ti TUF with cheap, custom-fitted copper shims you can buy for less than $20. The 0.2mm shims used in this project were roughly the same size as the original thermal pads. If you’re thinking of doing this yourself, obviously proceed with caution. But also note that some sanding might be required to fit just right and get rid of pointy edges. Just make sure to wash them well because copper dust is conductive, and getting that on your GPU would be counterintuitive.

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