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Modern Warfare 3 developer investigating Call of Duty snake movement “exploit”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 developer Sledgehammer Games has said it is “investigating” an exploit that allows players to wriggle around on the floor while prone at fast speeds.

It leaves you looking like some kind of human Call of Duty snake, but it also leaves you able to zoom around while lying prone – a very handy tactic for winning gunfights.

Now, Sledgehammer has taken notice and dubbed Call of Duty snaking as a PC exploit to be looked at further. “We’re investigating an exploit that allows players to sprint while appearing in the prone animation,” the developer wrote on the official CODUPdates account on X, formerly Twitter.

Eurogamer’s Ian plays Modern Warfare 3.

As for how to snake in Call of Duty yourself, the exploit involves tricking the game into letting you sprint while also being prone – and it just involves changing a couple of settings.

In the game’s Keyboard & Mouse settings menu, you just need to enable Automatic Sprint and set the button you use to change your stance down (ie, to enable going prone) to your mouse’s scroll wheel. Finally, set the mouse wheel’s input delay to zero.

Now, you can trick Modern Warfare 3 into letting you go prone while jumping in the air and holding down W, while scrolling your mouse wheel to go prone. You’ll continue moving at sprint speed despite now crawling around on your belly.

How To Snake in Modern Warfare 3 via TheRed ZipiT.

Yesterday, Activision boasted that Modern Warfare 3 had broken several relatively specific engagement records for the brand, but is yet to provide sales numbers to show how many copies of the game have actually been purchased.

“An exercise in extracting value from its players rather than providing it, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is what happens when this industry is at its worst,” our Chris Tapsell wrote in Eurogamer’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review.

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