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Monopoly’s new Enchanted Forest mode takes players for a ride through a dreamland filled with magical creatures

If you were to think of massive reasons for fighting with your family, I’m pretty sure Monopoly would be somewhere up there. But, what if the mobile version of this beloved board game embraced mindfulness? Sounds impossible, but Marmalade Game Studio has managed to imbibe the classic board game with a much more tranquil version. A new Enchanted Forest mode is being introduced to this hit mobile game.

Monopoly’s new Enchanted Forest mode takes players away from the busy life of buying properties, building hotels, and maintaining a super-serious demeanour and replaces that with a little magic as we dive into a dreamland. Enchanted Forest dives into the fairy tale land of the old, where life feels like a dream, and it’s peaceful all around. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is.

While the tiresome real-life scenario has been replaced by a dreamy one, the competition is still the same. The goal still remains to build a successful property empire, with some magic to help this time. a few changes players can expect include regular properties being replaced by trees, toadstools, pumpkins, beanstalks, and the glorious Tree Stump Castle.

Describing the development of the Enchanted Forest, co-CEO at Marmalade Game Studio, Cristina Mereuta, said: “Developing Enchanted Forest has been a real pleasure for our team, and we look forward to helping players to sink into the moment with some Monopoly mindfulness. It’s a great way for families and friends to get together and welcome Springtime with a little pixie dust.”

There are also newer settings to enjoy like winding rivers, butterflies, bees, brilliant flowers, and dazzling lights in a world where property prices are skyrocketing. Why these astronomical levels? It is because space for magical creatures keeps on decreasing in this modernized world. Players can expect to find new and enchanted starting characters like the Gnome Wizard, Enchanted Frog, Sly Fox, and Snail Steed.

Download Monopoly now for $3.99 USD on the App Store and Google Play and dive into the Enchanted Forest.

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