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1 month ago

Not trying to overhype but I analysed the trailer and I'm pretty sure Capcom have a solution for Global Warming and the game is going to be in Full Dive VR.

1 month ago

Nah lol games pretty much done if anything. It's called hype. They wanna make people as hype as possible is all

1 month ago

I hope we get to see a old monster too. Even if its just a weak one like yian kut ku or something. It still gets me hyped

1 month ago

I don’t know that the hardly seen desert leviathan is what they will show off. Maybe the translation in the video isn’t correct for us, but it said never shown monster

1 month ago

I think the small monster that got thrown away is part of a herd controlled by a bigger version of that monster. They will likely reveal a sand leviathan-esque monster. To show the danger of the thunderstorm, as the little monster has an electric glow in it's mouth, the bigger guy will probably use sand pits/ sandstorm and electricity to it's advantage.

1 month ago

There was a small interview with the director just after the first trailer showing is a ‘new’ monster. Not direct saying of flagship but it’s specifically a NEW monster so those that are assuming lagi aren’t accurate. It’s likely we will see a flagship since we seen the flagship for rise rather early on so it’s really depending on what capcom desires since it is likely the serpent within the sand or it could be a hint at the flagship and showing some additional returning guys. We aren’t sure what they will do specifically

1 month ago

They are gonna show a three headed Qurupeco

1 month ago

Nah you are wrong my guy, we are getting arch tempered Dodogama in this trailer.

1 month ago

This is exactly what i expect:

Sand leviathan from last trailer,
More weapon gameplay,
More of the windward plains,
A few story bits,
Maybe the village but not likely i feel.

1 month ago

I don't think it will be that monster, at first I had the same thought then I heard the dev message again and they said COMPLETELY NEW monster meaning we never saw it before right?
but I also don't think its a flagship, I think its a new monster that is a higher tier than doshaguma and chatacabra

and finally when a project is about (like 6 months before release) to release you are kind of in a deep development phase trying to fix and polish everything so I don't think deep development phase != late development stage

1 month ago

I think I'm in the minority for saying this, but when it does come time to showcase their flagship I actually really hope it's a flying wyvern. We haven't technically had a flying wyvern flagship since Seregios in 4U, and if we only count the mainline entries (not expansions), only one generation actually has a flying wyvern as a flagship (Rathalos from the original Monster Hunter). That number is a lot higher with expansions, but a ton of them are literally just Rathalos again.

I love flying wyverns. They feel the most "Monster Hunter" to me, and it feels like the classification has begun to stagnate over the years. A new flagship wyvern would be most welcome imo.

1 month ago

We know that the flagship is not a fanged wyvern or a elder dragon because of malzeno and magnamalo

1 month ago

I would love non elder or wyvern flagship

1 month ago

Underwater combat

1 month ago

Underwater combat save me
Tokuda save me

I would also love for the returning monsters to no be from 5th gen, especially if theyre updates

1 month ago

if i would expect what you expect i would ask myself "why do they do a 2nd trailer then?" i mean why isnt the first one enough if only the same monsters/weapons and so on get shown like you expect besides a new monster? why not do the 2nd trailer later? why show a 2nd trailer at all if its the same as the 1st only with a new monster? dont get the logic tbh as in the first trailer there already were new monsters so that should not be the only selling point of the 2nd trailer now. at least thats my logic and thats why i dont agree with your expectations. cheers.

btw not saying that managing expactations is bad lol, just saying i dont agree with the stated expactations because of said reasons, have a good day everyone.

1 month ago

Ight ima save this video to a playlist and come back after watching the summer games fest and if I’m im satisfied with the fest then ima dislike this video but if Im not satisfied with the fest, then ima like this video since I should’ve listened to you from the beginning. What I want to see from the trailer is to see something new as how you pointed out that you think it’s just gonna be a repeat of the last trailer but with a new monster, I just would like to see some new type of anything whether it be like “new game mechanic” or fleshing something out, but I won’t count the new monster since that’s a given. Now let the games begin 😈

Edit: I’m satisfied with the new trailer but ima still like the video since I’m still excited about what just happened lol

1 month ago

I just want to know if the game comes out in Q1 or Q2 of 2025, if it is 2nd half of 2025 the wait will be agonizing.

1 month ago

Died macrotransactions and collabs that expire ye

1 month ago

Hoping for more actual gameplay and systems information.
Honestly dont really care about monster reveals until after we get most of the info about the gameplay and upgrade/decoration systems and such

1 month ago

Itd be cool to see a glimpse of another weapon

1 month ago

i believe that the trailer we got was mor of a tease than an actual trailer to get everyone hype for summer games fest cause they wouldn't take there time to promote summer games fest if it is just going to be a different trailer of the one we already got or they have a really big interview just talking about the game

1 month ago

I think it's highly unlikely that the trailer at Summer Game Fest shows the snake sand wyvern at 1:221:25 of the 2nd trailer. The dude is just lifted and thrown like a jar by a big bear, it's just a toy to play with. Not to get excited to learn more about. The monster that will be showcase in tomorrow's trailer will be way bigger, at least as big as an Anjanath. We'll see more in depth the dual weapon usage, like paralized bow then quickly swap to a melee weapon to showcase the combo. And finally, maybe, we will have the lighting/sandstorm affecting the battle between the player and the new monster to be revealed.

1 month ago

I disagree, ryozo tsujimoto already said wilds won't be world part 2.

World was a new adventure for mh team, jumping from portable to console.

Now they've had ample time to experiment And even released RiseBreak on PC/consoles.

We saw magnamola in the trailer, we will see the flagship.I don't think they would show off another Small monster.

Dosha, chata, and the sand worm are all small large monsters

and we'll get a release date, why? Cause they've been working on this since iceborne

1 month ago

Yay a new video!

Yeah I remember them saying development was still quite "early"; honestly I didn't expect this first trailer to have dropped so soon.

My hope for "next gen" feature is a full and varied ecology of large and small monsters, all on the map and just going about their day, until you the hunter decided he wanted some new armour lol.

I really hope lock-on is NOT a thing.

1 month ago

Not speculating too much is a wise advice. I think the game will be great, just let them cook.

1 month ago

Im so excited!

1 month ago

I'm waiting for vets to say this:
"If you started after 4th gen you are bad"
….and believe it or not, i have been told that when i have gone back and played some of the older games.
I made some comment about some of the new moves and the weapon swap mechanic… and pretty much got dog piled on. I deleted the comment i made shortly after. The game looks good, but man do i want a modern port of games like 4U and Freedom Unite…

1 month ago

Mans back from the dead