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Mullet MadJack is out now! Play the new anime-stylized boomer shooter on PC

Fast-paced action aficionados may want to check this one out.

Connected to a social media-powered system, you have only 10 seconds of life ahead—unless you perform some jaw-dropping action to garner likes and prolong your existence, that is. In a future ruled by A.I., Mad Jack (with a mullet) marches on, leaving hundreds of robotic corpses behind him.

Those of you who’d like to experience this old-school spiral of destruction can now do so, as HAMMER95’s boomer shooter has just launched on PC. Keep reading to discover the best Mullet MadJack deals and learn all the details about this release.

Are there any Mullet MadJack reviews?

There’s already a considerable number of Mullet MadJack reviews online, and it appears that Hammer95 delivered a spectacularly violent FPS. Critics were captivated by the game’s anime and 80s-inspired aesthetic, along with its dynamic and addictive gameplay.

What is the Mullet MadJack price?

How much does such arcade pleasure cost? The original Mullet MadJack price is set at $19.99, but you can snag it 10% cheaper with the current Introductory Offer on Steam. The list of current top deals is available below.

-12% with GG12DEALSHistorical low

-12% with GG12DEALSCopy

If you’re not too keen on the current Mullet MadJack deals, consider setting up a price alert. You can do so by clicking the bell icon on the widget above and choosing your preferences. We’ll notify you as soon as the game goes on sale, allowing you to save both time and money.

Is Mullet MadJack on Game Pass?

Sadly, you won’t find Mullet MadJack on Game Pass today. Microsoft’s service is teeming with fun FPS games, though, and we’ve hand-picked the very best of them in our article, which is linked below. Perhaps you’ll find something as interesting as this release in it?

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Is Mullet MadJack Steam Deck verified?

Currently, there is no confirmation whether the game is compatible with Valve’s handheld device. If Mullet MadJack receives the Steam Deck verified “tick” in the future, we’ll swiftly update this section.

What do you think about this new release? Mind you, you only have 10 seconds to answer. Are you going to shoot robots today, or are you waiting for better Mullet MadJack deals to appear online? Let us know in the comments!

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