Game Trailers 33

My Five Most Anticipated Games For The Back Half Of 2024

Talking about my most anticipated games for the rest of this year following the conclusion of all the mid-year announcement shows!

00:00 Intro
01:39 New Arc Line
02:32 Bloodlines 2
04:30 Dragon Age The Veilguard
07:24 Kingdom Come Deliverance 2
09:18 Avowed
10:54 Wrap Up

Intro Music By Juan Andrés Matos,

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1 month ago

I don't like how Bloodlines never shows off the city and adventure aspect. That's my biggest worry. That's it's more on rails like a Bioshock.

1 month ago

I never really got into kingdom come. I really wanted to, every time I played it I thought that it was really immersive with good characters and an interesting world, and it had a refreshing different approach to RPGs, but the thing that stopped me playing it was the combat. The combat was abysmal in my opinion. If they fix it in the second game then I’ll give it a go and probably really enjoy it

1 month ago

I'm just waiting for Elder Scrolls 6. Avowed may fill the gap for a while.

1 month ago

Seems like most people are overlooking Metaphor Refantazio for some reason. Excited for the games on this list, but that's my number 1.

1 month ago

How have I never even heard of most of these games? They look really cool.

1 month ago

Kingdom Come Deliverance was an unexpectedly enjoyable adventure for me this year. I've never been into difficult simulators of any kind, but I stuck with it and it was a great time.

1 month ago

This is my year of longshots, games I never thought would get a sequel: Kingdom Come, Stalker, and Spacemarine.

If they had miraculously announced that Star Wars Republic Commando was getting a follow-up, I would have ascended

1 month ago

You saying, "If Dragon Age Veil Guard winds uo having bad combat that I dint enjoy that will be the 4th Dragon Age game with bad combat that I didn't enjoy.", In the context of you loving these games is a really great nuance. Games are so much more than one system.

1 month ago

7:13 Thanks man, finally someone said the truth! And yet we still love this series so much.

1 month ago

I want The Alters, i need the Alters. Nver been into survival sims but that game had an amazing premise that is worth cheking out. Apart from that im still wating for more news on the AtomTeam new crpg game.

1 month ago

Love videos like that thank you.

1 month ago

avowed is also my most anticipated. Cant wait

1 month ago

avowed really does look leaps better with every gameplay teaser. I was pretty skeptical at first, but it and KCD2 are among the highest on my list.

1 month ago

I only discovered kcd a few months ago and oh my god did it ever occupy my every free moment for those couple of months haha. Its so incredibly fun and gave me an appreciation for a historical time period and location I didn't really care about before. Its amazing so many of the characters and events in the game are historically accurate, of course except for the existence of our video game main character haha

1 month ago

Great list! Off the top of my head, I’d add SW Outlaws to my list. I’m not expecting a 10/10 game, but sometimes a decent 7/10 scratches the itch. I’m hoping the stealth mechanics are good, cause I love that play style.

1 month ago

I'm most excited for KCD 2. I'm playing the first one now, and it's awesome. I'm really interested to see what they are cooking up, and I think it has potential to be an amazing game. It's not getting as much exposure as some other releases are (like DA: Veilguard and Avowed), but that actually might be a good thing. It might be able to sneak up and take the gaming world by storm. I hope so! It's a pretty unique game. I honestly can't wait to get some release dates on these games… I hope they don't all come out in the same month!

1 month ago

Nice hearing FF12 mentioned. The very best FF in my opinion and most definitely my favorite. Must say, though, I don't have real high hopes for Veilguard. Hope I'm wrong. Have real high hopes for Avowed. Hope I'm right. Good vid

1 month ago

Where Winds Meet, Crimson Dessert, Avowed, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 & Black Myth Wukong!

1 month ago

I'd love a remake of Vampire the Masquerade Redemption which would look like Veilguard

1 month ago

Speaking of games that have an interesting tactical battle system that are JRPGs have you ever checked out the Last Remnant? It has an interesting history with its development and FF12’s and that whole mess that followed with Verses. But the battle system is something special

1 month ago

Gothic Remake

1 month ago

Well said about DAV! I'm not picky about combat when it comes to games as long as it has great story and characters!

1 month ago

I'm surprised by the absence of Greedfall 2 in the comments. So I'll rep that game. Really looking forward to seeing that one for myself, especially given that they are pivoting away from the action combat of the first game.

1 month ago

Really looking forward to avowed sure the game may end up a little janky but the story and lore should be top tier

1 month ago

Damn, some good (well, interesting at least) titles coming! 😎

1 month ago

Granblue Fantasy was great, looking forward to Metaphor in October.
The four or so other titles I was interested in this year look like "wait for a sale" material.
This year has very little for me.

1 month ago

Avowed And KCD2 are at the top of my list.

1 month ago

Good news everybody!

1 month ago

I played Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines first day of release and loved it. That said the gameplay was very janky then and still is today even with mods and the unofficial patch. Judging by the outcry from many of the original games fans I am in the minority when I say I like the look of the sequel. The gameplay looks far better. What appealed to me in the original game was the setting, the story and the characters. If the sequel can nail that I am definitely on board.

1 month ago

Just looking forward to Dragon Age 4 out of this list.

1 month ago

I'm really excited for KCD2! I wish from it:
– runs on steam deck like the first game
– more impactful feeling weapon swings
– being able to interrupt fast travel
– a bit more lively facial animations
– improved lock on system
– stay in 1st person for herb picking and dialogue

So just some small things. The first game was already great, just having more of the same is awesome

1 month ago

I played POE, and a little of POE2 (it just didn't click like the first one), so I'm cautiously optimistic. But if we're talking about Obsidian games, I'm actually looking forward to The Outer Worlds 2 (whenever that comes out); and I'd LOVE it if they made a Tyranny 2 (my favorite Obsidian game by far).

But, specifically in regards to you're list, I'd say DA:V: loved the series and am fine with the ever-changing style(s). I never got into KCD, even though I backed the game on Kickstarter (man did that take a long time to come out). May give KCD another try to see if I'd be interested in the second.

1 month ago

Dragon Age needs a long waited closure.