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My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Returns: Deku To Lose Powers


  • My Hero Academia chapter 414 will mark the climax of the series and fans are eagerly awaiting its release after a long break.
  • The upcoming chapter will see Deku’s powers being transferred to Shigaraki as part of a risky plan to weaken him from the inside.
  • Shigaraki’s dominance in the fight will finally show signs of weakness, allowing Deku and the vestiges to team up and deal significant damage to him.



My Hero Academia is currently exploring the final fight of the entire series and fans are incredibly excited to see this major clash finally conclude. This fight has proven to be spectacular so far, however, it is still far from wrapping up. The clash between Deku and Shigaraki continues with great intensity and fans only hope that the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 414 lives up to the expectations as well.


When Will My Hero Academia End?

My Hero Academia’s story reaches its climax and will end soon.

This is especially true because fans have had to wait quite long for this chapter to arrive. My Hero Academia went on a 3-week break and, now, the author finally seems ready to return later this week, which has every reader of the story incredibly excited.

My Hero Academia’s Extended Break

Deku resumes fighting shigaraki my hero academia mha 414

My Hero Academia went on an extended break towards the end of last month. The last chapter that officially dropped for My Hero Academia was on the 28th of January, which was quite a while back. The series is no stranger to breaks, however, usually, it only goes on 2-week breaks, which fans are familiar with. However, this time around, it went on a 3-week break and much of that has been down to the author’s worsening health. Fans already know that Horikoshi has been struggling quite a lot in dealing with the tough schedule of the Jump magazine. Due to his worsening health, the author has had to take an extended hiatus from drawing his amazing manga.

Fans were understandably patient and, now, the author seems like he’s doing somewhat better. As a result, My Hero Academia chapter 414 will be out later this week and fans are incredibly excited to see this story continue already. One can only hope that Horikoshi doesn’t push himself too far and that he was able to recover his health properly, and, at the same time, gain enough energy to continue drawing this incredible story. With the series all set to return later this week, fans know that the fight between Deku and Shigaraki is going to continue and that is precisely what everyone is waiting to see the continuation of. Towards the end of the last chapter, Deku looked as if he was in a very tough spot and it will be interesting to see if he continues to be the underdog in My Hero Academia chapter 414 as well.

Deku’s Quirks Transferred To Shigaraki

star and stripe shigaraki weakness my hero academia mha 414

As mentioned in the previous chapter, defeating Shigaraki is not an easy task by any means. He has an incredibly tough exterior that cannot be taken down by anyone and that is why Deku’s strategy is to attack him from the inside. Shigaraki might be tough on the outside, however, on the inside, he’s just like anyone else, and on top of that, he has his own issues. In the case of Shigaraki, fans are already aware of the troubles that he has had to deal with as a child. These wounds might have been pushed into a corner by him, however, they are still prevalent, especially to those who have seen them already. Star and Stripe was able to locate his biggest weakness and that is precisely what is likely going to be exploited in My Hero Academia chapter 414 as well. Fans are incredibly excited to see if the plan that was proposed by Kudo will come to fruition or not. This plan is a risky one as it sees Deku’s very own powers being transferred to Shigaraki. Deku will have to give up One For All, however, for now, Kudo is going to be transferring Gear Shift, along with himself, to Shigaraki.


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As a result, Deku will be losing one of his biggest powers and, more importantly, he might end up strengthening Shigaraki, if the plan doesn’t work. However, it also has an upside, and that is Deku no longer suffering from fatigue from Gear Shift. As fans know, it is highly likely that the other vestiges will transfer inside Shigaraki as well and try to weaken him from the inside. The crack that Star and Stripe located will likely be probed into by the vestiges, and this will likely weaken Shigaraki greatly. This would also allow Deku a chance to weaken him from the outside and deal tremendous damage to him.

It is clear that Shigaraki cannot be defeated as things stand and that is why the strategy is extremely important.

Shigaraki’s Weakness Exposed

shigaraki mental destruction my hero academia mha 414

My Hero Academia chapter 414 will likely see it shift in the tides in the battle against Shigaraki. So far, Shigaraki has been absolutely dominant in this fight and that is to be expected, given that he’s the strongest character in the entire series. It has already been made clear in the series that Shigaraki’s strength far surpasses that of even All For One, and that makes him incredibly dangerous for anyone to take on and combat. It is no surprise that Deku is struggling against him and, now, it is time for the tides to shift. Since the vestiges that are going to be transferred inside of Shigaraki, it is likely they are going to deal some great damage to him from the inside, and open the way for Deku to injure him in combat as well.

It goes without saying that Deku is very powerful, however, he cannot win this battle on his own and that is why he has the vestiges with him. At the same time, Deku transferring the vestiges inside of Shigaraki is a fair trade, given that he will end up losing his powers forever. As such, this is a high-risk move, however, it is one that makes a lot of sense and at the same time, would be perfect to take this fight forward. Fans can only hope that this process begins in My Hero Academia chapter 415 and that this fight ends up hitting the next level. As Shigaraki starts showing his weakness, fans can expect Deku to start pummeling him and weakening him greatly in the process.

As was made clear in the previous chapter, Deku will have to team up with Banjo to do as much damage as possible. All the other vestiges will likely be transferring one by one, with Banjo likely being the last of them all. This also makes a lot of sense, given that Banjo was the first one who formed a bond with Deku, and now, he’s likely going to be the last one to leave his side. Eventually, there might even come a time when One For All would need to be given up, and Deku will have to be ready for that. My Hero Academia chapter 414 will end up setting the stage for the bigger transfer.

My Hero Academia is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia chapter 414, is set to be February 18, 2024.


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