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My Time At Sandrock Lands Enhanced Visuals And New Content In Latest Update

When My Time at Sandrock sprouted onto Switch in November 2023, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t in the best condition. Aside from playing things a little too safe, the farm sim was awash with dull graphics and performance issues, making it far from the cream of the crop.

Fortunately, in the time since launch, developer Pathea Games has released a handful of updates to get things running a little smoother. Today, another one has arrived, with the ‘New Year Better Me’ free update bringing Sandrock up to ver. 1.2.2 in style.

The focus this time around appears to have been on the game’s performance issues and visual shortcomings (hooray!). Improvements include increased FPS stability, crisper shadows, more realistic lighting, new grass textures, shorter loading times for the UI and more. Publisher PM Studios has shared a comparison video showing some of these improvements in action which you can find on the My Time at Sandrock YouTube channel or at the bottom of this article.

It’s not just performance that has been targeted in this update, however. The patch also adds in new questlines, items, a roguelike endgame dungeon, theme park rides, a fresh planting system and more. You can check out a full rundown of these changes in the following summary from the publisher:

NEW! Visual Performance and FPS Boost. Game performance has been positively transformed throughout Sandrock to ensure a smoother and snappier play experience. Improvements include nearby and distant shadows having higher fidelity, more realistic lighting and illumination effects, better grass textures, improved facial shadows and lighting and more. Sandrock has never looked better or run better on the Nintendo Switch!

NEW! Dynamic factory queue system. The former 20 item limit has been increased and offers players more flexibility and options when managing workshop tasks.

NEW! Say hello to the Keyboard Sword! Experience new quests, weapons and hairstyles designed in collaboration with the My Time at Sandrock Kickstarter backers. This new content offers increased character customisation options (ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre), more combat choices and two new emotionally impactful questlines.

NEW! Roguelike Endgame Dungeon named Dead Sea Ruins, located in Lab 7, which will test the combat skills of even the most hardened adventurer.

NEW! Rideable Rollercoaster and Merry-Go-Round added to Catori World theme park.

NEW! NPC Cooking and Repeatable Daily Side Quests – Cook delicious dishes with your in-game partner and embark on daily missions.

NEW! Letter system which allows players to receive in-game mail from their parents and photos from NPCs which are added as memorable moments in the story album.

NEW! Magic Mirror planting system which allows builders to more easily manage harvesting, watering and other agricultural actions.

The ‘New Year Better Me’ update is available for free on Switch today. Pathea and PM Studios have also reaffirmed that they will continue adding free seasonal content throughout 2024 alongside planned paid cosmetic items.

Are you pleased to see this new update? Let us know in the comments.

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