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NCSoft Is BACK! Epic Game Trailers from G-Star 2023

Renfail reacts to the latest game trailers from NCSoft coming out of the G-Star 2023 event, with a look at Project M, Project LLL, and Throne & Liberty.


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19 days ago

throne and liberty, didnt they get backlash coz of their combat?
did they change it?

19 days ago

project L is like First descendant

19 days ago

It's been a long time since I played NCsoft game, must have been Lineage II. LLL definitely looks interesting.

19 days ago

Is it a zombie thing? It reminded me of Funcom's "The Park" at first with the ferris-wheel and attrcations. I was hoping for a better Secret World. Zombies bore the shit out of me. (They probably sell better though) =/