Need For Speed: Unbound — How to Turn Off Effects

There are a handful of things that make Need for Speed: Unbound remarkable. Among these standout features are all the stylish little graphical touches and effects coming from your exhaust that give Unbound a unique visual style. These cartoonish effects lend an additional dimension to your car amid otherwise realistic art style of the game. 

Some fans and players have found this decision contentious, to say the least. If the audio and visual effects in Need for Speed: Unbound are bothering you for one reason or another, know that there are ways you can turn them off or reduce the impact they have on your game experience. 

How to Turn Off Effects in Need for Speed: Unbound

Since the effects in Need for Speed: Unbound all come from your car, you will have to go to the garage to tweak the proper settings to turn them off. 

Image via GameSkinny

To turn off a car’s personal sound effects first head to the  “Rides” menu in your garage, followed by Style,” then “Driving Effects,” before landing on the “Samples” menu. Once in Samples, choose the option that looks like a mute symbol. This will turn off the audio effects  coming from your car. 

To turn down the visual flairs in Unbound, go to “Driving Effects” in your garage and choose “Tag.” From there, choose “Cloaked” from the menu. This mode will turn down many of the stylistic effects and give you the most realistic looking version of Need for Speed Unbound currently available. 

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[Featured image by Gameskinny.]

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