Neill Blomkamp ripped his ear off in a Warthog while filming Halo

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp loves games so much that he’s currently involved in making one, but it’s far from his first fling with the industry. Blomkamp’s previously directed Conviction, a short movie for EA’s dearly departed Anthem, and was also meant to direct the Halo movie that was canned before ever seeing the light of day.

Blomkamp was involved in something of a dry run at Halo live action back in the day, working with Bungie, plus effects companies WETA Digital and Origami Digital, on various shorts around the time of Halo 3. They’ve held up fairly well, and are collected together as a seven-minute release called Halo Landfall. One of the reasons they hold up so well is that the props are amazing, and not only look the part but involved some serious machinery: one part of which took a big chunk of Blomkamp’s ear off.

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