NERF Nuke Fires 80 Darts In All Directions

Many an office Nerf war has dragged on for years, yielding countless casualties, way too many reloads, and multiple projectiles lost under immovable desks. It gets to the point where no one even remembers why the fighting began in the first place. Sometimes, a final solution is necessary to end the cycle of violence. What’s needed is the Nerf Nuke.

This pinnacle of Nerf weaponry may or may not be real (click on ‘Buy Now’ to find out), but that doesn’t matter, does it? What matters is that it’s loaded up with 80 darts that blast off in all directions up to 30 feet when the contraption hits something solid. The Nerf Nuke Launcher is a tripod-mounted, direct-plunger system, and it fires the Nuke up to 40 feet away. That should keep you outside the blast radius and leave you as the last man standing. Victory will be yours, but it shall be a lonely one. You have to watch the video below to see this thing in action. [Purchase]

NERF Nuke 1
NERF Nuke 2

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