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New anime multiplayer game is blowing up on Steam and available free

Sometimes, a game comes out of nowhere and rockets up the charts on Steam. The latest example of this is Holo X Break, a free beat ’em up based on Japanese virtual YouTuber agency Hololive Production. Launched today, the game is already doing very well on Valve’s platform thanks to its mix of side scrolling action that hearkens back to classic arcade games and colorful anime style aesthetics, not dissimilar from Persona 3 Reload, Genshin Impact, and, in turns, Sea of Stars. It doesn’t hurt either that it’s completely free to play.

Holo X Break is a co-op game starring the Hololive Production VTuber roster, with every one of the included characters coming with their own set of abilities. Its premise involves the Hololive VTubers coming together to stop an evil secret society from trying to take over the world, largely by walking from one side of the screen to the other and beating up the goons that get in the VTubers’ way.

It features solo and four player online co-op modes and tweaks the classic beat ’em up formula with the inclusion of equipment and consumable items that buff a character’s attacks and defence. It’s also structured around five boss fights and includes difficulty options meant to appeal to all types of players.

Holo X Break only came out today but it’s already doing very well on Steam. As of the time of writing, it has 4,155 players and has reached a 24-hour peak of 9,607 concurrent players. It also has a Very Positive rating on Steam based on 565 reviews so far.

Free multiplayer anime game blowing up on Steam: A screenshot showing Holo X Break's player count on Steam.

If you want to check the game out for yourself, you can grab it for free on Steam right here.

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