New Dwarf Fortress video is all about murdering goblins in a ‘hallway of doom’

Dwarf Fortress looks like an innocent enough sim until you accidentally tap into an aquifer and drown every dwarf in your fortress, or until a horde of goblins shows up to slaughter your children. Any good fortress has a mazelike entrance full of traps just in case goblins come knocking, and the latest update video for the upcoming Steam version of Dwarf Fortress shows one such “hallway of doom” with its fancy new graphics. 

Developer Zach Adams plays out a goblin siege in the video, calmly pointing out the blood splatters that appear around his spike and weapon traps. Longtime players will probably be more interested in some of the new UI features Adams points out. There’s a siege indicator that lets you know enemies are about, and as long as you’re under siege a caravan won’t be able to visit your fortress to trade goods.

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