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NEW Final Shape Exotic Armor Revealed (Breakdown) | Destiny 2

Today Bungie revealed 3 new Exotic Armor pieces coming with The Final Shape. We have the Mataidoxia Exotic Chest for Warlocks, Gifted Conviction Exotic Chest for Hunters and Hazardous Propulsion Exotic Chest for titans
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0:00 Intro
0:19 Warlock Exotic
2:23 Hunter Exotic
7:06 Titan Exotic
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21 days ago

Bungie is far more likely to censor than sexualize any female characters

21 days ago

Titan exotic in crucible gonna be lit

21 days ago

😂 Ikora has sex appeal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

21 days ago

Here it comes. Warlock exotic tied to a SINGLE subclass's ONLY melee ability. Huge lack of build variety. Hunter exotic: Slot any ONE Arc Aspect. Titan exotic: Triggered by arguably the best class ability in the game. LOL. If I don't see some serious Warlock love I'm skipping this. Warlock mains. This xpac ain't for us. It's for the most played classes.

21 days ago

the hunter exotic is dog XD, literally just 3 random balls when titan has rockets and warlock is dr strange

21 days ago

Nothing adds more sex appeal than the high heels bungie threw in for titans lol.

21 days ago

The titan exotic looks like it does a good amount of damage if it can stagger a high health enemy

21 days ago

its crazy how mid these are considering this is the final shape

21 days ago

Weren't you switching between all subclasses?

21 days ago

Bro hazardous pupolizion and raident dance machines bout go crazy

21 days ago

Can you use these with the class exotics ?

21 days ago

Titans got the golden ticket with these lol

21 days ago

Because bastion titans need more in pvp 😂

21 days ago

Titans are making a comeback with their new exotics chess piece

21 days ago

I actually might switch back from hunter to my OG titan because of that exotic. Got bored of so much punching but rockets sound sick

21 days ago

Explore sexual appeal why? Odd

21 days ago

Cross they’re SJW’s over there, they ain’t doing any kind of sex appeal whatsoever lol

21 days ago

As a simple minded titan main, I will always love that titan exotics are fairly straight forward and don't require building into them. I love that this keeps that trend

21 days ago

@Aztecross you made a comment about "Sex appeal in Destiny" I would just like it if my female Hunter's and Titan's armor made them look like women. In most cases, they look like less muscular men.

21 days ago

I swear if there’s no new 2 burst sidearm ima cry

21 days ago

Meh I’ll just use Exotic bond that gives me two perks. Lol

21 days ago

Notice better devils is strand

21 days ago

The hunter exotic NEEDS a cooldown or it becomes the highest dps option

21 days ago

if the warlock exotic greatly increases melee recharge in some way then I think it will be decent. Arcane needle does good dmg.

21 days ago

Welp. Look like another season of no pvp 🤦🏻‍♂️

21 days ago


21 days ago

So, a couple of comments. Firstly, there is no way in hell that Hazardous Propulsion will synergize with Gjally, which I see a lot of people wondering. The perk on Gjally specifically says that it grants Wolfpack Rounds to Legendary Rocket Launchers, which this most certainly is not. Second, often these descriptions are usually significantly shorter than the actual perk description. For example, Sunbracers' description when you hover over it is "Improves Solar Grenades", which kind of undersells what it actually does. I'm guessing the Warlock chest piece will also grant melee energy for killing suspended targets or something like that.

21 days ago

1:02 let’s not forget, fishnet miniskirt titans 🤣

21 days ago

The titan exotic is going to nerfed so fast because of the pvp bros

21 days ago

Looks mid.

21 days ago

The titan exotic plus lash would be a good way to suspend and get a bit of extra damage in for enemies that can be effected

21 days ago

Sex appeal would be funny, considering that maybe 1/3 of our characters are literally metal androids

21 days ago

But then again as usual they're not giving the Warlock anything just some trivial nothingness like a little buddy on a well that little buddy on the well had better do Nova bomb type damage or I'm done being a warlock and I think that's kind of what Bungie wants to lean towards is get rid of the powerful characters

21 days ago

Nazarak's sin perhaps

21 days ago

I see so much laziness here. The madness of making simple fragments into exotic items continues. The solution is simple:

Please announce enhanced (exotic) fragments. This video looks silly.

21 days ago

Idk if anyone saw this but for those of us who remember failsafe we turned her into an exotic , if you look at the titan chest piece the ai core is smaller but is on it.

21 days ago

Stasis Titan is gonna have rocket barricade all the time, pair it with a Glacier grenade and a Bump in the Night .

21 days ago

d1 tower in the titan clip

21 days ago

Just seeing the hunter and the warlock already that looks so boring. Like they just completely ran out of ideas

21 days ago

Funny the only sex appeal this game has is a skirt on a titan 😆

21 days ago

They won’t do any sex appeal they are closet woke 👀

21 days ago

NONONONO NO! i let my little cpusins play on my account. I cant let them see freaky shit on the game.😅

21 days ago

Wait wait wait… if weapons are sunrising… does that mean… the duke is coming?

21 days ago

1:10 honestly I agree, could widen the fashion market in the game by a lit

21 days ago

Light Blight

21 days ago

Bruh definitely gonna be playing more titan, can't wait to be rocketman 🚀

21 days ago

Warlock exotic didn’t get a unique animation while the other two did, extremely lacking in the “cool” factor.

Therefore the Hunter/titan exotics will be mid at best, while the warlock one will find a way to be absolutely broken in some way we don’t understand yet. I’m calling it.

21 days ago

Write this down, Bungie. Wavesplitter Catalyst:

Part 1:
Hold down reload button to give Wavesplitter access to your super energy bar for on-demand, Tier 3 ammo. Shooting spends super energy, pulling ammo from reserves.
Hold down reload button to cancel.

Part 2:
Waveform tiers give void debuffs:

Tier 1 = overload
Tier 2 = tier 1 + repulsor brace/destabilizing rounds
Tier 3 = tier 2 + weaken & suppression

21 days ago

The second the camera panned to the chest, I thought "man am I glad my warlocks a female"

21 days ago

I will absolutly play titan more because of this exotic