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New Game Reveals & Big Announcement! E3 2021 Kick Off Summer Game Fest Reaction

E3 2021 summer game fest reaction
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1 year ago

who else is hyped for ELDEN RING!!!!

James Foster
1 year ago

Control is the best game I've played in YEARS. So good!

Rogue Persona
1 year ago

You 2 and a bit lol deniss saved this show for me. Mostly garbage show but some moments of AWSOME. Thankyou for saving the day

Vasil Yovchev
1 year ago

Guys as much as I like you, you were extremely loud all the time and I coudn't enjoy your video…

1 year ago

Somebody tell NJOYCE to learn to equalize her mic volume with others ?

Nicholas Healey-Dickenson

Whats njoyce YouTube?

Stephen Casson
1 year ago

You two are so wholesome together

1 year ago

the only games i’m excited for this year are battlefield 6/2042 and Far Cry 6.

i’m gonna have some fun this year

Roman Sekret
1 year ago

cant believe they are releasing that Iraq game. illigal invasion based on the lie. IMO other Muslim govt should do the same. make up a lie and destroy most of the country

SUN monkey KONG
1 year ago

Mediocre games, nothing really good

Daniel Wilding
1 year ago

Can you put some ideas forward to ubisoft I would like the lion, wolf mount to be able to attack in some sort of way and I also would like to be able to have more viking soldiers and Civilians walking around the settlement as its too empty and also I think we should be able to recruit soliders to the settlement and station them in areas of the settlement to protect it and have more buildings to house more people and also maybe be able to build wooden walls around the settlement or some sort of walls like we see in barids settlement and like other camps and maybe have something where our settlement gets raided and we have to defend it so then the walls and stationed soliders comes in

Kyle J
1 year ago

For anyone wondering, this wasn't E3. This was Summer Game Fest kickoff. E3 is June 12th through June 15th. There is stuff slated for tomorrow (June 11th). Koch Primetime live stream and IGN expo.

Paul Clayton
1 year ago

No games except Battlefield 6 really jumping out at me to be honest.

Flex Rumblecrunch
1 year ago

A bunch of Dutch people speaking English with each other will never not be weird ?

1 year ago

I know you're all excited but it's hard to hear when you keep talking.

1 year ago

Far cry 6 stuff

Ryan Moore
1 year ago

E3 was not good this year oh my

Kaleb Diaz
1 year ago

I'm excited to see marvel xcom black panther gameplay maybe she hulk pop up guardians of galaxy game tomb raider game evil within 3 spiderman 2 ??????

1 year ago

The raptor team is awesome

Bin Jalan
1 year ago

First comment after one day what the heck !!

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