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New Lies of P Gameplay Trailer Showcases Souls-Like Combat

Today we get a good look at what we can expect from Lies of P, the upcoming Souls-like action RPG that takes what we know about Pinnochio and flips the childhood tale into something much darker. 

Who would have thought Pinnochio could be so ruthless in his attempt to become a real boy? Lies of P makes the sweet toy we once knew a puppet mechanoid who is on a quest to find Mr. Geppetto. Players will hack and slash their way through the dark Belle Epoque-style world in hopes of finding the answers they search for to become human. Things are not all rainbows and butterflies here, as the area you traverse is filled with unspeakable nightmares at every turn. 

In the original childhood story, in order to become a “real boy” Pinnochio must avoid telling lies; that isn’t how it works here. You must lie to everyone you come into contact with in order to achieve your final goal, and if they refuse to listen you must show them no mercy. The story is said to be gripping, the combat system appears to be in-depth and thorough, and the weapons are just flat-out cool. Since he’s a mechanical being, Pinnochio can remove and replace body parts at will to become a fierce fighting machine. 

The gameplay footage gives us a great look, running in 8K resolution no less (albeit YouTube displays it at 4K tops unless you have an 8K monitor, apparently), at what to expect from this game. Utilizing the Radeon RX 7900 XTX, which is the latest and greatest in terms of AMD graphics cards, we get to see the hellish spectacle brought to life. The monsters are scary enough to look at, let alone with cutting-edge quality like this. The fight scene within the trailer is not only intense but looks difficult and engaging, which is exactly what fans want in a Souls-like. 

Lies of P does not have a set release date at the time of writing, but it is scheduled to come out at some point in 2023 and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S. 

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