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NEW MARVEL GAME REVEAL TRAILER REACTION! A new trailer just dropped for a brand New Marvel Game called Marvel Rivals! Here is my reaction.

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Introducing Marvel Rivals, the premier Super Hero Team-based PVP

Assemble your favorite Marvel characters and engage in 6v6 battles,
utilizing brand-new Team-Up Skills in destructible locations from across
the Marvel Multiverse!

The Closed Alpha test is coming this May!

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25 days ago


25 days ago

Overwatch with marvel characters 🤔

25 days ago

Is yuri lowenthal spider man!

25 days ago

Graphics are like garbage 🗑️😡😡😡😡

25 days ago

They only need to fix one thing:
Give spiderman a back logo

25 days ago

we need a dc game though

25 days ago

like a guardians of galaxy type gameplay

25 days ago

So Battlefront but with Marvel.

25 days ago

PC only for the closed beta 😢

25 days ago


25 days ago

0:33 "YOOOOO hulk is walkin man". Srsly fking gasses up everything. He tryna worm his way on every payroll? smh

25 days ago

I think Gambit, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Cyclops, Firestar, and Iceman would lend themselves well to this game.

25 days ago

definitely not a fan of this style of marvel game. no one asked for this. give us more ultimate alliance games or story driven games.

25 days ago

Overwatch if it was fucking epic

25 days ago

We Finally Won We Finally Got Our Multiplayer PVP Marvel Game After All These Years!!!

25 days ago

did not expect this to look better than overwatch, more excited for this than I thought I would be

25 days ago

my main will be iron man or spiderman

25 days ago

My top 5 characters to be in a game are:

1. Apocalypse
2. The Maker
3. Venom
4. Wolverine
5. Ghost Rider

25 days ago

Looks very good, very colorful and explosive. Also didn't know there's a female version of Galactus LOL

25 days ago

Been a marvel fan for so, so long but as of late I’m not too keen on marvel as a company anymore the crap they’ve put out lately is just straight up not good content. The literal only thing I’m looking forward to marvel is deadpool, moon knight season 2 if that ever happens 😡 and the obvious Spider-Man, x-men 97 lol, but marvel for me has lost its trust. I’m taking every single project from marvel with a grain of salt.

25 days ago

The punisher is finally in a game, since MAUA3, also I never played a game with Namor in it, just put wolverine, Sabertooth and Daredevil and the roster will be complete.

25 days ago

If it has a solo campaign I'm in

25 days ago

This looks like overwatch had a marvel crossover 😂😂😂

25 days ago


25 days ago

Basically it's a marvel overwatch game is the vibe I'm getting here 🤔

25 days ago


25 days ago

honestly HEAR ME OUT on Galacta we need her in more shit

25 days ago

luna snow is such a sick marvel character

25 days ago

I’m already thinking about my main

25 days ago

I’ve always wanted some marvel pvp game.

25 days ago

Bro your voice is epic

25 days ago

If this game has a goddamn battle pass I’m gonna lose it

25 days ago

This looks like a marvel overwatch and I’m here for it

25 days ago

This is pretty much a Marvel Overwatch 🔥

25 days ago

Is it a PC exclusive? I hope not

25 days ago

Every time I think about Iron Man I just wanna yell Proton Cannon!! Doesn’t matter where I’m at… church: Proton Cannon!!, work: Proton Cannon!!. Taking a walk: Proton Cannon… just staring at somebody talking to me then just PROTON CANNON!!!!!

25 days ago

At the moment this doesn’t look good

25 days ago

My question is, will this be released on consoles, too? Google says that it's not been officially stated yet. I want to put my PS5 in good use, haha.

25 days ago

yall be hating on kill the justice league but this is literally the same thing js worse looking

25 days ago

Console release please?

25 days ago

Marvel with overwatch style I like that could help Blizzard get their rep back

25 days ago

Loki is literally Echo and im guessing Hulk will be similar to DVa and turn back into bruce once hulk "dies" and be able to retrasnform once he does enough damage

25 days ago

WB Games needs to take notes, this is how you make a fun shooter game with comicbook characters!

25 days ago

Me looking at my screen knowing I can’t play this game cause I don’t own a pc😭