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New Maximum Football 24 Gameplay – The Standard For Simulation Football?

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21 days ago

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21 days ago

I forgot this game even existed

21 days ago

NCAA 06 Next is better than this – Thats actually the competition for the new NCAA Game release this yr.

21 days ago

Unfortunately I think this game is dead in the water, the hype and window has closed. On top of that the gameplay looks RUFF, ik this game isn’t AAA but I still think the gameplay is still disappointing.

21 days ago

Ryan gave them grace on this video.😂 This game looks so bad! Especially for it being delayed.

21 days ago

I think you're being way too nit picky

21 days ago

I wish they would tell us more than just “early access will be available this year”

21 days ago

They failed. They HAD to get this game out before NCAA 25 to have a chance. They took two years of bullshit. They have failed.

21 days ago

This off going to be like that other game that never came out. It’s pointless at this time. Just play Axis until July

21 days ago

I kind of believe at this point this is a small market game with big expectations, but all the delays Everly hurt this product… With EA sports college football coming out in a few months of course Madden 2025 coming out, I think maximum football missed their window of opportunity, free or not

21 days ago

Oh my goodness, people realizing how hard it is to make a game, especially sports

21 days ago

it doesn't need to be the second coming of 2K5;
it just needs to be fun and customizable.

21 days ago

Maximum is going to be a 5 in 1 FREE football where you can fully customize not just one team but a whole league if you want to without having to drop $140 on Madden and College Football. I am going to be getting both Maximum and CFB. I personally don’t think madden is necessarily worth $70 and as for CFB it only feels worth that much just because of how long it has been. And as for the delaying of the game so many times it feels like that is just the state of gaming as for some reason people just are scared to release games right now. Just take a look at XDefiant they won’t even put a release date on their Server Test for all Platforms.

21 days ago

The animations look clunky. The collisions don't look like they're using real-time physics despite them touting it. I can tell from my own experience in AAA development that two things have happened: 1. They bit off more than they could chew, it became real, and development slowed down and 2. They're trying to be too big too fast.

Dynasty modes, online play, these are things that need to be built over time while the core fundamentals of AI and animations are nailed down first and foremost. The animations are so clunky that it's going to scare off most gamers and they won't even stick around to bother with modes and online play.

Lastly, sticking with the college angle crushes the game. With EA College Football on the horizon, people are not going to turn to generic off-brand college football no matter how bad EA's game may be. They needed to shift focus to the pro game and build an identity. That mistake in demographic reach alone is going to bury this game if it ever releases.

21 days ago

If anything I appreciate them taking the time to update us and them actually making sure their game is playable. Yes they've told us for 2 years but it would be better to play a complete football vs madden where they jus throw bulljive out each and every year

21 days ago

Looks like this game came out 15 years ago

21 days ago

I went to school for video game design. What we’ve been searching for isn’t as easy as the videos that are made to be asked for. It’s a tug of war. Most games that are “physics based” tend to not be dependent on that. Sim games are thus people don’t realize you can never simulate real life scenarios in fixed conditions like a video game. Even nba 2k that has thousands of animations that are locked to different modes, have sliders that hide or unlock different animations because it cannot dictate all situations in a game mode.

21 days ago

People pay top dollar for any junk these days. I'm sure they'll fall all over themselves for this junk too.

21 days ago

I'm all for another football game but EA has so much more money to put into their game. The graphics/smoothness will never be attainable by another company ):

21 days ago

I heard about this game when i was in the 5th grade. I'm retired now.

21 days ago

So the delay means they better add canadian rules or I'm gonna be piiiissssssssed lol

21 days ago

I hate madden with all my heart. But this ain’t it. This is a remastered version of 10Yard Fight 😂

21 days ago

This game missed mark very similar to Esport boxing games.

21 days ago

If it is truly physics based and not full of animations then it’s going in the right direction. It really is difficult to model real life physics of football. Especially when they don’t have a team as big as EA. EA should be doing more to good towards more physics based football

21 days ago

Physics based tackling is cool but not when it makes it look like the ball carrier is defenseless for every tackle

21 days ago

I will say as a fan, this is a very bad take on a game that’s not even out yet. Why not set up an interview with Micah and he’ll answer whatever questions or concerns you may have regarding it.

21 days ago

This game is dead man college football is coming out

21 days ago

Clint count lol