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New Palworld Duplication Glitch that actually works

Like any survival building game, Palworld has had its share of duplication glitches. I am usually super skeptical of such things, but after numerous attempts, I can incredulously say that this one really works, and has a decent success rate, too.

The Building Duplication Glitch in Palworld

This duplication glitch for Palworld revolves around the resources used for building. So you’ll need the initial resources for whatever building you’re going to duplicate them from. Although this does mean it has a start-up cost, it can be done infinitely and it allows you to duplicate the resources you need the most, such as Ingots, High Quality Pal Oil, all the way up to Pal Metal.

You’re going to want to choose a structure that requires resources you want to duplicate. I went with the Weapons Assembly Line as it requires 100 Ingots, something I always sorely need. I also had one lying around already, so I disassembled it to get all the resources back so I don’t need to gather another 100 Ingots.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

What you’ll want to do is get to one of the edges of your base and have the resources in storage. When building within the bounds of your base, you’ll take resources from storage in your chests to build the structure. You can build outside of this boundary, but you’ll need the resources on you and it’ll degrade over time as well as not contribute to your base whatsoever.

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There is a sweet spot, however, right on the boundary between the base and the outside world, where the structure will be built, but all of your resources will stay in storage.

Slowly waddle back and forth between this line. One second you’ll have the resources, and another second, it’ll be out of bounds. Keep treading it, and when you’re ready, click ‘build’ just as you cross that line.

Cancelling Build In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It may take some attempts, but before you know it, you’ll have built the structure. Instead of actually building it, though, you’ll quickly have to cancel the build. All the materials will be refunded, and you’ll have successfully duplicated your resources.

From 0 Ingots, I went to 400, and I could keep doing it over and over again if I didn’t feel bad for ‘cheating’ the system.

Note that this won’t always work, but thankfully, all you’ll need to do is cancel the build, deposit the resources back into a chest, and try it again.

Now that you know of this incredible duplication glitch, why don’t you check out our list of tips and tricks that every player could do with, from beginner to seasoned.

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