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New Starfield Beta Update Available Now on Steam, Adding AMD FSR3, Intel XeSS, and More

Today Bethesda released the beta version of a new update for its sci-fi RPG Starfield on Steam in order to test it before it gets unleashed into the wild for all platforms.

The update, which was teased last week and is numbered 1.9.67, introduces several relevant changes, including to the rendering. Specificall, it implements AMD FidelityFXTM Super Resolution 3 (also known as FSR3) and  Intel Xe Super Sampling (also known as XeSS).

Another relevant change comes to FormIDs (codes that identify objects in the game) that should improve stability with a persistent and rather nasty issue that has been affecting save games after the player has visited many locations, causing frequent crashes.

Below you can read the full patch notes.


  • Added support for AMD FidelityFXTM Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3). (PC)
  • Added support for Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS). (PC)
  • Fixed an issue that could make the clouds appear to vibrate when using DLSS performance mode. (PC)
  • Fixed minor visual artifact that could occur when aiming with a weapon or task swapping.


  • Changed how FormIDs are freed when loading saves. This should improve stability for saves that have visited many locations.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when making changes to the ship that required all items to be moved to the cargo bay in the Ship Builder menu.


  • Reverted a change that caused the data menu to open when taking screenshots with F12 (PC)
  • Fixed an issue causing the resolution scale to reset to 1.0 when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed mode when using DLSS. (PC)

Starfield is currently available for PC (both on the Windows Store and on Steam) and Xbox Series X|S. If you have Game Pass, you can play the game at no additional cost on both platforms. If you don’t, andhaven’t purchased the game yet, you can buy a physical copy on Amazon.

If you’d like to know why you may or may not make the jump into Starfield, You can read our review, which awarded the game with an 8 out of 10. 

Bethesda isn’t done patching the game, and the developers have promised a new patch roughly every six weeks. Fans are also waiting for new ways to travel, and city maps, a mong other things. Likely the most relevant and most anxiously awaited new feature is official mod support, which is coming at some point early this year.

Note: TechRaptor participates in an Affiliate Partnership with Amazon.

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