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New Starfield Mod Turns it Into a Survival Game

One of the most interesting kind of mods for Bethesda games add survival mechanics, and Starfield just got its own with Starvival.

The mod by adds needs mechanics including hunger, thirst, and fatigue, but that’s far from all. You can also get adrenaline rushes and get addicted to various substances (on top of some addictions that were already in the game).

There is plenty of content in the mod, prompting players to be much more careful in their exploration of the game’s galaxy and adding a further level of depth.

Starvival can be downloaded from NexusMods, made by聽lKocMoHaBTl, who is known for having created some pretty popular ones for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,聽Fallout 4, and Fallout New Vegas.

As usual with mods that can be downloaded from Nexus, it can be installed either manually or by using the website’s Vortex manager.聽

Starfield聽is available for PC and Xbox Series X|S, on top of Game Pass, but it’s worth mentioning that this mod is exclusively for the PC version, at least聽until Bethesda implements official mod support early next year.聽

If you’re fine playing the game with no mods until then, you can purchase聽a copy of聽Starfield聽for Xbox Series X|S聽on Amazon.

If you’d like to read more about聽Starfield聽mods, you should definitely take a look at the StarUI series, which massively improves several elements of the game’s interface, which isn’t exactly top-notch in its vanilla version.聽

Recently, we learned that聽Starfieldhas passed 11 million players聽and it was also聽at the top of Circana’s (formerly NPD’s) sales charts for the month of September.

Of course, this popularity has several reasons,聽you can read some of them in our review, which awarded聽Starfield聽with an 8 out of 10.聽

Note: TechRaptor participates in an Affiliate Partnership with Amazon.

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