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New Straw Hat Bounty Predictions After Egghead


  • The Egghead Island arc of One Piece is nearing its conclusion after a year-long run, making it highly unlikely for the arc to continue for another year.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates will likely receive new bounties on their heads after their battles against an Admiral, a fleet of 100 Marine battleships, and one of the Five Elders.
  • Predictions for the new bounties include a sizable increase for Chopper, a potential rise for Nami, Brook, Franky, Usopp, Jinbe, and Robin, and higher bounties for Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy, with Luffy potentially reaching a bounty of 4 billion berries.



The Egghead Island arc of One Piece is fast approaching its climax and it is only a matter of time before the arc concludes. This arc has been going on for a year, however, it is highly unlikely that it will continue for another year.

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At some point in 2024, the Egghead Island arc will wrap up and, when that happens, the Straw Hat Pirates will likely have new bounties on their heads. While Oda doesn’t usually introduce new bounties immediately In consecutive arcs, it must be remembered that the Straw Hat Pirates are currently up against an Admiral, a fleet of 100 Marine battleships and, at the same time, one of the Five Elders. If the Straw Hat Pirates manage to destroy them and somehow attain victory, then it is inevitable for them to get newer bounties, which is what is being discussed in this article.

10 Chopper

  • Current Bounty: 1000 Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 100,000 Berries

Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates and, to the World Government, he’s simply a pet. That is why Chopper never receives a proper bounty that he deserves. However, after the Egghead Incident, which has been teased heavily by Oda already, Chopper will likely receive a sizable increase.

His current bounty is a thousand berries and will likely jump to 100,000 berries.

9 Nami

nami Zoro luffy together in One Piece

  • Current Bounty: 366 Million Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 666 Million Berries

The Navigator of the crew, Nami is exceptionally powerful and currently, she has a bounty of 366 million berries. Even if Nami doesn’t do much in the arc, as the bounty of a Yonko rises, so does that of the underlings. For instance, in Wano, all of Luffy’s underlings received a 300 million increase flat.

While this increase might not be higher, fans should expect at least a similar increase for Nami, which would push her bounty to 666 million berries.

8 Brook

One Piece Brook Sword Wielding

  • Current Bounty: 383 Million Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 683 Million Berries

Currently, Brook has a bounty of 383 million berries and, just as with Nami, he will also likely receive a flat boost in bounty.

If Nami receives a 300 million increase, then fans should expect Brook to receive a similar bounty increase as well, which means his bounty is going to be somewhat around 683 million berries after Egghead.

7 FrankyFranky with beetle hair in One Piece anime

  • Current Bounty: 394 Million Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 694 Million Berries

Franky currently has a 394 million Berry Bounty on his head. He isn’t all that active in the war in Egghead, however, he has showcased his brilliance on occasions.

Franky will likely receive a 300 million bounty increase as well and that means his bounty will be very close to 700 million, at around 694 million berries.

6 Usopp

One Piece's Usopp against a yellow background with tears in his eyes

  • Current Bounty: 500 Million Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 800 Million Berries

Usopp has a 500 million berri bounty at the moment and given that his status is inflated in the One Piece world already, fans should expect him to receive a new bounty as well.

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He will likely receive a similar bounty increase and his figure will jump from 500 to 800 million berries, which would then put him at the same level as some of the strongest Yonko Officers in One Piece.

5 Jinbe

Jinbe Using Busoshoku Haki While Fighting Who's-Who In Wano In One Piece

  • Current Bounty: 1.1 Billion Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 1.4 Billion Berries

Jinbe has the third-highest bounty among the Straw Hat pirates at the moment, however, this order could very well change soon enough. Fans know the Jinbe is strong and his bounty of 1.1 billion berries is something to show for it. After the events of Egghead, his reward could shoot up to 1.3 billion berries.

4 Robin

Nico Robin new form

  • Current Bounty: 930 Million Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 1.330 Million Berries

Robin is one character that absolutely deserves a higher bounty. She’s one of the most dangerous people in the entire world, and the World Government has their eyes on her right now, once again. Fans already know that Robin cannot die and, in one way or another, the Straw Hat Pirates will have to emerge victorious here.

This means that Robin will have once again evaded them and, this time, with crucial information related to Saul and Ohara. Added to that is the fact that Robin now possesses greater fighting might than ever before. As such, she deserves a bigger bounty increase. Since her bounty is 930 million berries at the moment, she deserves a 400 million increase, which would push her bounty to 1.330 billion berries.

3 Sanji

Sanji injured by Black Maria

  • Current Bounty: 1.032 Billion Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 1.4 Billion Berries

One of the wings of the Pirate King, Sanji is actively involved in all the fighting that is currently going on in Egghead Island. In fact, Saturn himself is witnessing the strength of Sanji and will likely continue to do so as the Egghead War continues. Sanji currently has a bounty of 1.032 billion berries and this figure could very well rise to 1.4 billion berries.

2 Zoro

Roronoa Zoro

  • Current Bounty: 1.111 Billion Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 1.411 Billion Berries

Zoro, the second strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, is actually involved in the current fighting going on in Egghead. Fans know him to be exceptionally powerful and he has already fought against the Seraphims and even Lucci.

Zoro will obviously emerge victorious in his battles and likely take part in more events on the island. His new bounty will likely be around 1.411 billion berries.

1 Luffy

luffy gear 5th one piece

  • Current Bounty: 3 Billion Berries
  • New Predicted Bounty: 4 Billion Berries

Luffy is the biggest enemy of the World Government on Egghead Island and he’s the one at the helm of things. He is currently down after defeating Kizaru, however, it is likely that he will soon wake up and fight against Saturn as well.

When that happens, fans should expect Luffy to defeat him and eventually gain an even higher bounty. It is possible that this figure will likely rise to around 4 billion berries very soon.

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