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New SURVIVAL Games in UNREAL ENGINE 5 coming out in 2023 and 2024

New SURVIVAL Games in UNREAL ENGINE 5 coming out in 2023 and 2024

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00:00 – State of Decay 3
01:35 – Fort Solis
02:42 – ROUTINE
04:10 -ARK 2
05:13 – ExeKiller
09:37 – ILL
10:20 – ROOTED
12:09 – The Day Before
16:52 – Derelicts

As a flat upgrade to its intuitive predecessor, Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5 offers a high level of quality and visual fidelity. It gives developers access to quality facial realism and a large-scale world-building without any extra mess or fuss.



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Coltan Babott-Olson
5 days ago

Anyone that believes that the day before isnt a scam… i wish you well through life 😂 its going to be a tough one

Fluff Daddy Guapo
5 days ago

I thought Routine was dead. Glad to see it's finally dropping! Still excited caused Alien Isolation is one of my favorites!

5 days ago

There’s no such thing as a Black survivors. They barely go camping… this 💩 is so fake.

Mr. Gamer
5 days ago

I want to install the day before 😊

But I don't have console 😢

5 days ago

Exekiller looks so much like cyberpunk I could it sworn it was copied lol

Denys Illichov
5 days ago

Day Before is a scam that won't be released

5 days ago

omg. just omg. tolerasty, cucoldism, daivёrsity. im not gonna play this BS games

5 days ago

Just as I thought 9/10 of these games are for Steam only.

5 days ago

When has splitting up ever been a good idea? 😂

Mike Texas
5 days ago

Who do we have to beg for an amazing, immersive, atmospheric open-world zombie apocalypse type game? It's such a huge unfulfilled niche in the market.

5 days ago

DO NOT EVER shoot a wood arrow from a compound bow or wood bolt from a compound crossbow. You will end up having an EXTREMELY bad day.

Nils Martschin
5 days ago

Kein Interesse an dem Dreck – und nie gehabt 😡😡😡😡🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎 was für assi Mist

Attitude Era 4 Lyf
5 days ago

What is the game on the thumbnail?

NXT LVL Collectibles
5 days ago

Bad division clone ow sorry meant the day before

5 days ago

Good game!❤

Appie Sen
5 days ago

Bullshit game s 😂😂 looks good game play suck s

Mikal Samad
5 days ago

Hate first person shooter survival games …. LAME

5 days ago

9:45 the gun doesn't do that when you 2 hand it like that….

Gabriel Neves
5 days ago

ARK 2 will not coming out in 2023 or even 2024. WildCard is a shit company.

Spicy F-DBD&MK
5 days ago

I’m so glad the day before is coming to ps5 i always wanted state of decay on PlayStation but it’s an Xbox exclusive so I’m glad we get to have a similar experience with this new game

RageyRage O
5 days ago

Cinematic trailers do nothing to tell us what the games will look like in game play.

H * R
5 days ago

When all is towards realism. Still the character doesnt grab things when taking.. still stuff just disappears.. fix it .

сергей 7
5 days ago

Only please show games on PC, ps5 weak graphics, i don’t want to watch.

5 days ago

1.7m views 350 comments??

Soujit Halder
5 days ago

Feels like metro exodus

Jorgie WTF
5 days ago

Is it me or has Youtube compression gotten worse in the past year?…

delegate zero
5 days ago

the first mistake of this game is having a black person in the woods

5 days ago

Maybe 1 percent of gamers are black females. Not buying woke games. Sick of companies pandering to the least popular part of their demographic.

Shadow Banned
5 days ago

The guy you play as on ILL sounds like leon kennedy.

Lister the Dumb
5 days ago

we do NOT need a NEW survival game, we need DAYS GONE 2!

Nanachi - Wohl
5 days ago

All Games only for Xbox?
Im ps5 Gamer that mean youre Channel is Not for me

Robert Carr
5 days ago

Hopefully the day before is like original Division

5 days ago

What's the name of Game in the Thumbnail ?

Anyone Tell me ?

5 days ago

None of these games ever come out

Samantha Hughes
5 days ago

These seem more like pc games and not ps5 games

The Cameraman
5 days ago

New survival game releases
the cameraman: here we go again

Jake Razmataz
5 days ago

OK, the anvil doesn't go in the fire. Exekiller looks great. So do a few others.