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NEW Thelema Trailer! Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer Reaction! l Honkai Impact 3rd

#honkaistarrail #hoyoverse #honkaiimpact3rd
NEW Thelema Trailer! Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer Reaction! l Honkai Impact 3rd

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26 days ago

They continue to make more waifus, they can't keep getting away with it.

26 days ago

hey dominatrix energy is rivaling Kafka's 😁

26 days ago

She looks amazing!!!

26 days ago

Bro, it is second time I couldn't recognize you on sumbnail, I scrolled passed several times before until I read a channel name😂 2nd time around I was like ok who's this dude? Reading channel name, thinking om again?😅

26 days ago

Yep same day 1 pull

26 days ago

Haven't been playing the game for a while. I'll come back a few days after 7.4 is released for returnee rewards. More crystals for Thelema pulls!

26 days ago

Luckily the Part 2 gacha rework is top tier and makes it the best HYV gacha system, it's so easy to get a character and full gear them it's actually ridiculous, so long as you're doing your Dailies/Weeklies and have the Monthly Crystal Pass & Battle Pass you'll get every S-Rank per patch easy.

And yeah I'm mainly only spending on HSR & HI3 they're the best! Like always great content from you, keep it up!

26 days ago

Svarogless behaviour:

26 days ago

Re: the differences between CN and GLB schedules.
CN server is always 3 weeks ahead of Global, so since we're getting 7.4 in a week, it released 2 weeks ago on the CN side.

Hope you do the Thelema event . It's such a… pleasure XD

26 days ago

You're gonna nut playing her event story. I highly recommend it.

26 days ago

Just because it was released according to the global version doesn't mean they ignored Chinese players. It's currently released on the HI3 YouTube channel, meaning it's shown to all players regardless of their server. Like Short Animation.

26 days ago

I'm sure you can one tap the weapon again 😂

26 days ago

I've been seeing so many clips comparing her to HSR Clara recently. I don't know what to think now… No! Svarog, I'm just kidd-

26 days ago

China had the same ost but it's was a different trailer

26 days ago

Queen of Dommy Mommy

26 days ago

I cannot wait for when you play the event associated with her. She is literally "Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss" 😆