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New Unicorn Overlord Survey Gauges Interest In Sequel

Image: Atlus

Vanillaware’s new title Unicorn Overlord got off to a great start last month with plenty of excellent reviews and sales surpassing 500k.

While it’s still early days, it seems Atlus is already gauging interest in a sequel. As highlighted by Siliconera, the company has sent out a survey asking people if they would buy a follow-up game. Here’s the exact question fans in Asia have been sent:

“Do you plan on purchasing any sequels to ‘Unicorn Overlord’ if they were to be made?”

The responses to this range from “very likely” to “very unlikely”. Given the success of the game so far, it seems like there’s a real chance of a second entry at some point in the future.

If you’ve not played this game yet, there’s a demo you can check out on the eShop. You can also read more in our review here on Nintendo Life:

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