‘New World is not client authoritative’, Amazon says

An invulnerability exploit was recently discovered in Amazon’s massively multiplayer colonialism simulator New World. Though it’s now been patched, the simple trick made players unkillable when they moved the window New World was running in. This started a conversation about whether the exploit worked because New World was “client authoritative”, that it was trusting the game client’s version of reality over that of the server, which would be a significant flaw. Though the initial viral Twitter thread about this has since been deleted, others elaborated on it.

Amazon has now posted on the New World forums to explain that “New World is not client authoritative”. Community manager Luxendra writes, “from a simulation standpoint New World is entirely server based.” Inputs from the client are fully animated on the server, and only after the animation is complete does the information get sent back. “We don’t short cut or roughly compute this,” Luxendra writes, “we do full physics detail for all such actions. Upon receiving the outcome, either hit or miss, the client will adjust its visual display to match what the server has determined. There are some client side tricks we use here to ‘stretch’ the animation while the client is waiting for the server answer, but the outcome is always based only on the server answer.”

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