New WoW Classic servers offer a fresh start with faster leveling, harder raids

A major part of the appeal of World of Warcraft Classic was the ability to re-experience the launch of a landmark MMO as if it were a brand new game. But now that WoW Classic has moved onto the Burning Crusade expansion, that experience has largely faded as the community has matured and focused more on endgame content. For players still hungry for that “fresh start” feeling, Blizzard is about to roll out an entirely new set of WoW Classic servers that’ll require making a brand new character. Even more interesting, though, is that these new servers will also feature faster leveling speeds and harder raid bosses that release more frequently.

The Activision Blizzard lawsuit

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Activision Blizzard is currently the subject of multiple lawsuits over an allegedly toxic and discriminatory workplace culture. To find out more about everything that’s happened since lawsuit was made public, check out our up to date timeline of events.

Called Season of Mastery, these new servers offer a chance for the community to collectively press reset and start WoW Classic from scratch. Everyone will be rushing to hit level 60 and tackle endgame raids—exactly like when Classic first launched back in 2019. But while the original Classic servers aimed to recreate the original 2004 WoW as closely as possible, these new servers will feature a bunch of changes that make the game more accessible newcomers and more challenging for hardcore players.

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