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Niantic hosting community days once a month throughout the next year, one planned for this month

Niantic, developers of Pokemon GO fame, has announced the first Niantic Community Day, taking place on March 13th, 2022. This year, Niantic has also announced that they are planning on having one of these community days once a month from now until June 2022.

While Niantic Community Days are not specifically centred around Pokemon GO and are absolutely about all three of their games, Pokemon GO is very typically the main focus given the massive fame it has reached. Ingress and Pikmin Bloom will likely see a fair few players show up as well, but overall, Pokemon is their largest game, so if you’re planning on showing up, plan on most others being there to play that one.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Niantic’s community days, these are planned social events by the company to gather their players into specific areas so that they can all meet each other and bond over one of the three games that Niantic supports. Given all of these games are Alternate Reality titles, they all involve going places and leaving the house, and typically also lead to being a bit more social in general since you end up frequenting some busy hotspots for in-game events.

Naturally, Niantic takes advantage of this aspect of AR games to get their community even more engaged with one another and offers a lot of opportunities to meet like-minded people in your community. The next upcoming Community Day on March 13th will be held across a large assortment of locations and countries. Here’s the full announced list so far:

United States:

  • Indianapolis, IN: Canal Elbow at White River State Park
  • Washington, DC: At the top of District pier at The Wharf
  • Oakland, CA: TBA

Europe, Middle East, Asia:

  • Warsaw, Poland: Elektrownia Powi?le Shopping Mall
  • Linza, Austria: City-Park
  • Bristol, UK: Boradmead
  • Cardiff, UK: Churchill Way
  • Edinburgh, UK: Castle Street
  • Liverpool, UK: Liverpool One
  • London, UK: St. Alfege Park
  • London, UK: Whitfield Gardens
  • Manchester, UK: Piccadilly Gardens
  • Laatzen, Germany: Leine-Center Laatzen
  • Recklinghausen, Germany: Palais Vest
  • Oberhausen, Germany: Westfield Centro
  • Berlin, Germany: Spandau Aracden
  • Bochum, Germany: Ruhr Park
  • Dusseldorf, Germany: Dusseldorf Arcaden
  • Leipzig, Germany: Paunsdorf Center
  • Munich, Germany: Pasing Arcaden

Asia-Pacific, Latin America

  • Taipei, Taiwan: Daan Forest Park station
  • New Delhi, India: GMR Aerocity
  • Monterrey, Mexico: Parque Fundidora

At these locations, you’ll find Niantic booths and likely a large swath of fellow gamers around to make friends with. If all this community-driven gameplay sounds up your alley, you can check out any of Niantic’s games all for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

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