Nightingale’s early access launch is coming two days earlier than planned

Surprise, Nightingale heads. Developers Inflexion Games have just announced their upcoming crafting survival ’em up is arriving into early access two days ahead of schedule. Nightingale was originally set to launch on February 22nd, but will now release on February 20th on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. This is mostly to help the team nip any launch day bugs in the bud a lot sooner during the week, rather than have them lingering in the game over the weekend.

Nightingale: Releasing Earlier!

“Having the game release at the start of the week not only allows our community to get into the game earlier but also gives us time to address any launch issues ahead of what’s sure to be a busy weekend,” Inflexion Games CEO Aaryn Flynn said in a statement. “All in all, we’re excited to get the portal network up ahead of schedule.”

Nightingale just completed an open server stress test last weekend, with Inflexion reporting upwards of 48,000 players piling in to try it out. In a Steam blog update, they said the servers had been “holding up”, so here’s hoping they’ll be equally stable when it comes to its full early access launch.

I’ve been quietly looking forward to Nightingale over the last couple of years since it was announced. The devs have talked about taking inspiration from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell for its Victorian fae world setting and visuals (always a plus in my book), and I like the idea of crafting entire new realms to explore using cards as you traverse its wide and varied Portal network. That’s always been a sticking point with me and survival games – if the world you’re stuck in is a bit grim, there’s not a lot you can usually do about it. Here, though, the idea of hopping over to a new one that you’ve (sort of) built to your liking intrigues me. I also like the sound of its magical flying umbrellas, too, not gonna lie.

So, time to update your calendars, folks, as Nightingale is now coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store on February 20th. We should have more thoughts on the game closer to launch, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

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